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another election in the great white north in which i did not vote. i do not trust or believe any of the candidates. they are all liars, imo, & motivated by money & power. except for the few who are truly naive & think they can change the status quo.
i refuse to legitimize them by casting a meaningless vote.
the oligarchs/kleptocrats control the MSM & the pursestrings & there is not a chance in hell that any candidate who would even try to form a govt which would seriously cut back on corruption & benefit ordinary working class Canadians could get elected.

callmedubious 8 Sep 11
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It's looking like we may end up with a conservative win. And though I voted for Trudeau in the last 2 rounds, i've decided to back the NDP this time around. The provincial NDP and the national NDP could certainly use a boost this year. And it be nice to have them serve as a check to a L or PC minority.

Mb_Man Level 7 Sep 14, 2021

Why do you even bother getting up in the morning???

I don't mean to advocate any specific actions, but I mean, if that's your attitude toward the world, why bother with anything?

On another note; So, do you think only greedy, power-hungry liars go into politics, or does being in politics make people greedy, power-hungry liars? Does nobody ever go in with the intention of making things work better for people, and then continue with that same goal throughout their career?

I believe that a large number of people have been and still are in office trying to make the world work better. (Al Gore. Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton. Al Franken. Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez. Vin Weber. Gerald Ford. John McCain. The late and much beloved Paul Wellstone. The list goes on.) Whether their definition of "better" matches mine or not.

It's a fact that having to chase campaign money corrupts the process, but it does not always corrupt the person.

Paul4747 Level 8 Sep 12, 2021

'Does nobody ever go in with the intention of making things work better for people, and then continue with that same goal throughout their career?"

there may be a few ppl who go into politics with lofty humanitarian goals but only those that can benefit big business ever get the financial backing to make it to the top.

you mentioned clinton as one of those who tried to make the world better. clinton was a despicable individual who lied under oath when impeached & then bombed a defenseless Country in an attempt (successful) to take the heat off himself.

hillary was nothing but a limousine liberal.

i usually get up to golf or walk on our beautiful beach, 3 blocks from our house.

@callmedubious "bombed a defenseless country in an attempt (successful) to take the heat off himself"

None of this is the case. The strike into Iraq was in response to their continued violations of WMD inspection agreements with the UN. It did not take the heat off him in any way, and as anyone would have foreseen, he was accused of staging them as a distraction. (Had he done nothing, he would have been accused of ignoring Iraqi non-compliance with their agreements. Lose-lose.)

Clinton lied about a hum job. I consider that the least damaging lie ever told by a President, compared to lies about weapons of mass destruction, pressuring the president of Ukraine, personal income tax fraud, etc. Bill Clinton will continue to go down in history as one of the best presidents of the 20th century.

As for Hillary- so, liberals can't earn money? What about Bill Gates? Steve Jobs? Bernie Sanders? Let's talk about Bernie Sanders' tax bracket before calling anyone a "limousine liberal".

@Paul4747 , when clinton was impeached he also bombed Yugoslavia, a small defenseless country.

although i'm not a big fan of Bill Gates he did create Microsoft a trillion $$ company. why did hillary ever create?

@callmedubious You mean Yugoslavia, where three (and more) religious factions were already bombing the everloving crap out of each other, along with the international peacekeepers who were there to try and keep them separate? The factions that would have (and did) continue committing genocide on one another as long as they had weapons with which to kill? So, you're talking about the bombing strikes aimed at destroying artillery pieces and armored vehicles which were being used by the BOsnian Serbs to kill their Muslim neighbors, is my guess (because I'm tired and not going to look it up right now, but that fits my memory of the time). You have a problem with using military force to prevent genocide? Or are you just anti- 'leaders or countries you don't like' doing that?

Hillary Clinton tried to create international understanding and peace, which is a shit-ton harder than becoming a billionaire. I respect any SecState more than someone who just runs a company, no matter what they invented.

And whether you like the Clintons or not, you could show the common courtesy of capitalizing their names. Much as I dislike Trump, I am still punctilious about spelling his name right.

@Paul4747 , no point in taking this any further.
you obviously believe everything you read in the MSM. IOW, are totally brainwashed.


Stop sugar coating. Tell us how you really feel. 🤣🤣

Davekp Level 8 Sep 12, 2021

I have a love and hate relationship with politics. One minute I feel like going on the campaign trail to get some candidate or some party elected and the next, I feel like locking up my neck on the doorknobs of a voting office screaming the whole thing is a scam.
It seems to me like big money can buy up entire governments, rewrite the laws to their advantage, hijack billions of dollars of taxpayers money and stash it all in their tax havens.

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