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I’m from Michigan. Can we please make
Michigan part of Canada? Anyway, I’m going to go to Banff/Calgary in late July. Anyone have any suggestions for hiking, kayaking, ?

Flexymorals 7 June 28
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Make sure you book your campsite ASAP! It's a very busy time of year 🙂

Jellifish1 Level 5 June 28, 2018

Already booked. Taking a tent so it was a little easier to find a site. Thanks!

@Flexymorals Awesome! I hope you love it here!


Just the Youpers.

Surfpirate Level 9 June 28, 2018

It depends how long you are going for and how ambitious of a hike you want to undertake but I would suggest that Bragg Creek is an easy day trip and gives you a back door into Kananaskis country, you can go hiking in the conservation area just to the south and the views over the river are beautiful. I haven't lived in Calgary since the mid 90's but there used to be a great little burger joint in Bragg Creek that served up delicious buffalo burgers from bison that were raised locally. Drumheller offers some interesting hiking in the badlands of Alberta, hoodoos and a painted desert topography that you won't find anywhere in Michigan. (love your state btw, spent many summers there working on my antique Chris Craft in Grand Haven)
Do not do what the stupid tourists do and go to one of the glacier fed lakes and dive right in, you will learn to walk on water and the locals lying on their towels on the sandy beach will just chuckle to themselves. Ghost Lake is very pretty but nobody swims in it, my older brother found out why the hard way on a visit there but plenty of people flock to Sylvan Lake in the summer and if you want to go for a swim. Too bad that the Calgary Stampede will be over by the time you arrive but drop by The Rocking Horse Saloon or the Ranchmen's Saloon for a cold one as it will be hot in late July, maybe try your luck with the Bucklebunnies but do not, repeat do not try to impress them by jumping into the wagon suspended over the dance floor. I've seen it done and even if you manage to survive the leap without injuries the bouncers are going to take you out back and seriously beat the crap out of you, roper boots can do a lot of damage to the ribs.
Have Fun and remember that what happens in Cowtown stays in Cowtown.

Surfpirate Level 9 June 28, 2018

Check out Kananaskis Country and the Canmore area just outside of Banff. It’s less touristy than Banff itself but still very close to Banff. As far as I know I’m the only one here from Alberta. I could be wrong though.

graceylou Level 8 June 28, 2018

Thanks! Yeah, I didn’t mean for only people from Alberta to answer, just anyone who has been there. So thank you. Do you think the big lakes will still be cold? Like Moraine? I’m guessing so, but no idea.

@Flexymorals Hmmmm. I don’t know if the lakes are cold. I suppose they would be like any lakes anywhere in the summertime. Weatherwise it can be pretty warm there but weather is always unpredictable in this province. And yes of course your question is not just for Albertans. Sometimes the more local people seek out less touristy places though.

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