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Father sues McDonald's over 'advertising' of Happy Meals

Not a fan of McDonalds, nor am I a fan of trivial lawsuits. Which side to side with?

As I see it based on the news item, the father is suing because he is incapable of saying "no" to his children when they ask to go to McDonalds. So it's McDonalds fault.


John_Tyrrell 7 Nov 20
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Show the kids how the animals are treated and at a young age, they may tell the adults not to eat it. It's happened before. As a parent the parent says what they eat, not the child. If they eat it once a year fine but at some age teach them in a way they won't even want to eat garbage.

1Rose2018 Level 3 Nov 22, 2018

I have heard of being over-litigious but this blame game of putting responsibility for one's actions on someone else is kind of lame. Letting the kids rule like this is not healthy on a number of levels.

Simmer51 Level 6 Nov 21, 2018

People are sue happy.. No one takes responsibility for their lives anymore... They shift the fault to others and then sue.. It's crazy...


My kids were taken to McD’s about once a month or two. It was a treat. It is difficult to absolutely say no, but treating it as a special occasion worked.


My sister told her kids when they were about 4 or 5 they could have MacDonald's anytime they liked but she couldn't understand why they would want to eat cow snouts. Her kids didn't believe her at first so she took them shopping and said they could have MacDonald's once the shopping was done. When they got to the meat dept. she waved her arm and said 'See, no cow snouts for sale here because MacDonald's grinds them all up to make their hamburgers'. It took her boys about 5 years to figure out they had been scammed by their mother.

Surfpirate Level 9 Nov 20, 2018

Why is this even going to court? This is about as bad as when Jared from Subway blamed subway for him mollesting kids because his sex drive went up after loosing weight.


my thoughts exactly - he needs to man up and be a parent

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