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Canadians who have been living abroad are moving back home and the number one country they are leaving in droves is the USofA. I wonder why?

Surfpirate 9 Dec 12
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I live in New Orleans and am soooo tempted to return to Canada. However three of my children live here and I now hate the cold. Louisiana is such a Republican state which I find intolerable. At least New Orleans voted Democrat (good) but city controlled by the Catholic Church (bad). Thank goodness for NOSHA (New Orleans Secular Humanist Association)!

gingit4 Level 3 Dec 19, 2018

I wonder what is happening in CA to show such an exodus? Thought CA was Canada friendly like Vermont.

Lukian Level 8 Dec 12, 2018

As a Canadian who lived abroad for over a decade I know quite a few Canadian Expats and several moved back from California in the last few years, all but one were older IT people so maybe it has something to do with the Silicone Valley businesses. Anecdotal so just a best guess.

@Surfpirate could also mean that many Expats are in CA to start with and proportionally speaking that means they represent the most coming back.

@Lukian I'd certainly pick California over Nebraska any day. 😉

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