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I'm worried where we're heading as a nation ... Andrew Scheer seems to embody all that is wrong with political leaders today, as does Kenney. They've used fear mongering tactics to gain support from fundamentalist religious groups, and their votes. Same story south of the border with Trump being embraced by the evangelical nutjobs. I heard Scheer speak in Edmonton when he passed through recently, and he was asked about allowing free votes on the abortion issue. (He skirted given an answer). We're in big trouble if either one of these guys get elected. Thoughts?

RickshawDave 4 Jan 2
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He is an evangelical wing nut. Although I cannot stand Trudeau 2.0, this Jesus humping whacktard scares me. I believe there is still too bitter a taste in people’s mouths after Herr Harper for the PC to be a threat. The polycystic ovarian Marge Simpson that heads the NDP without a seat will never ever form even an opposition party

Obtunded Level 4 Jan 3, 2019

We really need proportional representation. I'm soooooo pissed at Trudeau for not following through on that one promise. It really is a choice (presently) of an either/or vote ... and I hope that Scheer and his fundamentalist base are on the losing side.


I used to vote PC almost all the time but Harper cured me. I'll never vote NDP, so my choices are getting rather limited.


Political stripes are a fleeting fashion and legislation and regulation come and go with the swing of he pendulum What's most important to me is that election results are accepted and power is transitioned civilly after votes are counted.

Nothing is ever a sure thing but in western democracies (and Canada in particular) we seem to at least have enshrined a certain code of human rights that has become a base standard or foundation. The abortion issue not withstanding, we, as a society, seem to have come to an understanding as to unacceptable treatment of the "other".

While I view conservative political ideology to be an overall detriment to a healthy, happy society.. you can't have pretty without having ugly... Scheer and Kenney are just our current pretty ugly Conservative children. But both are lightweight threats compared to Fucking Harper Fuck.. ( sorry.. I had to let that out.. still can't say his name without it. )

Canada, as a whole, eventually stood up to his horrid, horrid lack of humanity. We tolerated and persevered. We are stronger for having suffered his tenure. We will be fine. Thanks for the post! πŸ™‚

Davekp Level 8 Jan 2, 2019

We are not stronger b/c of harpo but have been much weakened as a country.
e.g. he allowed our world class resource companies to be taken over by foreigners. He turned budget surpluses into deficits causing our national debt to skyrocket.
I don't think we'll ever recover from his disastrous tenure.

@callmedubious I too was extremely frustrated at the change in foreign ownership regulations but I am not quite so dubious about our future. πŸ™‚


I know a huge problem in America here is voter apathy. There are less extremist, religious, conservative Republicans here but they all vote in every single election. Their choices win when everyone else doesn't show up and they become a small dangerous majority. Many of us grassroots organizers are pounding the pavement to get the right kind of people back to voting. Canada will have to do the same.

SukiSue Level 8 Jan 2, 2019

The drawing of your electoral districts also appears to be a significant drawback to a fair process.

@Davekp of course! Manipulating the identification process, changing tolling hours... They'll do anything to support voter apathy.

@Davekp Yes, Rachel Maddow had a pretty good explainer on this the other night. In brief:

  1. During the Obama administration Democrats lost control of most state houses.

  2. GOP statehouses redistricted / gerrymandered things in their favor, from about 2010 on.

  3. In the 2018 midterms, an aroused Democratic base voted by record overall margins to "throw the bastards out", but only picked up 40-ish seats in Congress, whereas similar "revolutions" or "wave elections" by the GOP in the past have produced approaching 60 gained seats -- which illustrates the uneven playing field that now exists.

  4. Also in the 2018 midterms, Democrats belatedly gained back about half their losses over the last decade at the state level. IF this continues in 2020, the Democrats can BEGIN to unravel the structural barriers to fair and impartial voting that currently mean they have to do twice as good to be half as effective at winning seats.

@mordant we are hopeful.


Albertas election should be interesting.. i didnt vote ndp but i don't personally think they have done a horrible job (no worse then our past govts).. but .. you know .. Alberta, so it will likely swing back to the conservatives.

hippydog Level 8 Jan 2, 2019

I know a couple of nurses and they are pretty nervous about it.. they are constantly telling me how our system is already maxed out, ANY cuts are going to make things a lot worse, and likely thats exactly what will happen if the ucp gets in.. (which i predict will happen)
do not get sick (where you need to go to the ER) in 2019!

@hippydog I'm pushing hard for an NDP win in Alberta ... for everybody (especially the nurses). Kenney wants healthcare to be privatized.


There is definitely a swing to the right in most western countries and I think it has a lot to do with economic stress which is making people more xenophobic. We are switching away from an I'm OK - You're OK outlook to more of an I'm OK - You're Screwed outlook. It's disturbing as it aligns quite nicely with the fundamentalist aspect of all religions.


Trade ya any day.

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