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In Iceland a mayor writes about why he doesn't believe in God; that's refreshing. I was surprised a few years ago when my step-son joined scouts and one of the prerequisites was belief in God. I live in the liberal cozy confines of Toronto and maybe I suffer a myth about how progressive all of Canada is. We're not as religious as the USA are we?

My son and I were at a basketball game and I see we've changed the National Anthem to be gender neutral. "In all our son's command" is changed to "in all of us command." That's good. Any chance we'll have "god" removed from our anthem or constitution in my lifetime?

RebellionDog 4 Mar 11
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Secular Connexion Séculière (SCS) is working on it. We have a non-theistic version on our website ( Check it out and take a look at other lobbying projects as well.

I have talked with the Hon. Bardish Chagger,Government House Leader, about O Canada and she doesn't see changing the words to O Canada happening soon. The struggle to get the words "all our sons command" changed to words closer to the original words "in all of thy command"; that is "all of us command" was incredible.

SCS sees this as a bottom to top struggle and is beginning by approaching all school boards in Ontario (eventually across Canada) to play instrumental versions only and to allow students who are asked to memorize the words to choose the words referenced in the link above. If anyone wants to take on the school boards in another province, let me know.


Getting god out will be a tougher one for sure but keep the pressure up!


I am all for taking god and gender out of O' Canada but I am not happy about the pronoun used ( all of us command) I feel it should read, all of our command because really it is our nation to command rather than the nation who commands us.

Simmer51 Level 6 Mar 11, 2019

Scouts Canada has always had a requirement for a belief in god or at least a higher power. I was a scout leader for many years and people knew my views on the topic but they let me get away with the belief in a universal life force. Any Scout Leaders who are willing to volunteer their time and are not criminals or pedophiles are welcome as there is such a scarcity. In the end they took me down for being too successful, such is the small mindedness of the directors and I just had enough of them and their petty rules.

Surfpirate Level 9 Mar 11, 2019

Canadians just aren't as loud about their beliefs as Americans.. but it's there.

Davekp Level 8 Mar 11, 2019
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