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OK, this is getting out of hand. I just found out that the Governor General, Julie Payette, does not live in the official residence of the GG - Rideau Hall and won't likely for the foreseeable future. Apparently there have been renovations going on for a year or so. Her Excellency lives in Rideau Gate, another residence on the property. She was slated to move back in this summer, but expressed concerns that the building is not accessible for disabled people (after modern renovations) does not have - wait for it - adequate provision for fire escape (after renovations) and does not really provide privacy. Who "planned" the renovations? Of course, our Prime Minister and his family do not live in the official residence for the PM, a house that his mother described as, "The crown jewel of the Canadian penal system." Apparently they are deciding whether to renovate that building too. Not the same planners, I hope. Our PM and family live in Rideau Cottage, another building (22 rooms) on the Rideau Hall property. Harrington Lake is apparently in need of repair too. The "cottage" not the lake. So, here are the between the lines pieces here. Apparently Mike Holmes is not available to the National Capital Commission and we have a property for the GG that is the size of a small province, and a the word cottage has nothing to do with any cottage I have ever been to. Only in Canada, you say. Pity.

DougTElmira 6 July 3
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amazing when politics gets involved and the goverment is paying,,everything gets screwed up and away over budget,,would have be simpliar to tear it down use som e of the original materials ,put a new building up to code at a fraction of the price

RoyMillar Level 9 July 3, 2019

Sadly, the “historic” buildings are under the control of the Nation Capital Commission. They get funding from parliament. The amount of money required to fix them has escalated through the neglect of previous governments.


All of these renovations have been scheduled for a very long time. Harper is mostly to blame for this delay and the conditions of the buildings

Delay for sure.. don’t think we can honestly saddle him with the condition though.

@Davekp how long was he in office? He knew, he delayed. The properties degraded significantly under his watch

@Science-guy ok, I will take your word for it. I guess my pre and post Harper building inspection wasn’t as thorough as yours. Lol


Meh. .. not only Canada. It's the way of the entitled in our world,

Davekp Level 8 July 3, 2019

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