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How about instead of election we declare Canada as government free country for achange. Let's take the lead to true freedom.. we replace all the government personnel by digital tools.
Cam you imagine the money we'd save? And the corruption that we won't have to deal with?!

Neenz 7 Sep 19
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We definitly need something to shake things up,,maybe eliminate the partys so the elected memebers can be free thinkers

RoyMillar Level 9 Sep 20, 2019

How do you deal with the corruption that shifts from a centralized government to the tribal/ feudal lord kind?

Who polices the police?

Davekp Level 8 Sep 19, 2019

No we are evolving. The new generation understands that money and corruption go hand in hand and governments job is to ensure that we remain afraid when momma leaves us alone. Guess what we are all grown up now and know better...

@Neenz “we are all grown up now and know better”???

You really believe that?

@Davekp yes i do. We are eliminating god by understanding. We have advanced in equality and human rights and never been more connected as the citizens of the globe. We have advanced technology that is utilized just for governments and the rich mans interest.. in fact governments are only obstacles to our advancements.

@Neenz I don't know what planet you live on, but it isn't this one. 🙂 So your house catches on fire, who puts out that fire? Someone runs into your car. You can't call the police, they don't exist. So how do you get them to pay to fix your car? Althoughs pot holes in the street, who fixes those. A bridge over a river gets wiped out in a flood, who replaces it? What is your plan?


In 10 yrs when the AIs take over , we will have that.

hippydog Level 8 Sep 19, 2019

True but ai won't take over this fast lol

Maybe 20 yrs?
@Neenz google Ray Kurzweil..
Over 80% succesful prediction rate..
I could mention a few more specific sources i have read or listened to , but i will simply say.. we are close to ai and it will accelerate exponentially once the critical mass happens

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