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I am shocked, shocked I say, that the bible belt of Canada mainly voted for cons in the advanced polls... typical in the US/Canada bible belter TEND TO vote con aka against their best interests (unless they are rich or own businesses or major corporations, in which case good vote for them). []

demifeministgal 8 Oct 16
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Update: we now know for certain bible belt canadians voted for cons and now a stupid separatist movement is occuring #wexit


enjoying this lively debate and comments

RoyMillar Level 9 Oct 17, 2019

The fact that advance polling is up 27% from last election tells me people REALLY want their vote to count. The motivation (Fear? Determination?) behind it remains to be seen.

Hominid Level 7 Oct 16, 2019

only need to look at Sheer & Company's track record to see why


How would you know this info,are not those ballots also counted on voting day not ahead

RoyMillar Level 9 Oct 16, 2019

I got the information from the article and the organization Mainstreet Research Poll... I do not know when advanced ballots are counted 😕

they just closed at 9 last night in our area and I do not think results should be released but it could also be misinformation by one of the parties that would benefit from it

@RoyMillar If by your area you mean Ontario, then we have the same closing... if by your area you meant Trenton, then never mind! XD

same dates and times for all of Ontario but i beleive it was the 14 was last advance poll date

Our news said the advanced votes would be counted on election day.

Thats what i thought they would be counted at the same time

@Lilac-Jade okay then this must be research based, not based on counting ballots but on surveying people and hoping they answered truthfully, who already voted.

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