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While the Religious Rightwing Nutjobs seem to have their hearts set on seeing Andrew Scheer as the next PM of Canada, we Atheists/Agnostics probably have other plans.
Which party leader in the Canadian Federal Election best represents the interests of Atheists and Agnostics? If you have a rational for why then please feel free to share.

Surfpirate 9 Oct 17
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I have been a Liberal since I saw Pierre Trudeau speak at a rally in 1967 .... when I lived in a Liberal stronghold riding I voted for NDP because I had walked my dog a few times with Ed Broadbent and I liked him a my present riding I am not so sure of my Liberal MP but I will vote Liberal... because they are the lesser of many evils... and this may be my last federal election....

blzjz Level 7 Oct 19, 2019

I agree followed all three parties over the years, but will have to agree that the cons in Ontario since they have taken power have damaged the province to the point people said with a resounding NO! It's a minority government yes but it's not the Therocracy that none of us need, all we have to do is look at the Muslim countries to see how well that works,an the bloodshed it's not making the world a better place.One day they'll wake up if there's anyone left to wake up.


For my generation and future generations I would say NDP or the Greens are our best bet.... but sadly, this election may have to be about keeping cons out of office, they caused too much damage already in Ontario and I can't stand having that spread federally. Strategic voting it may have to be. 😟


surely non of them would acknowledge those who are agnostics

RoyMillar Level 9 Oct 17, 2019

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