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An open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau regarding his very Christian message for Christmas. Copied to the Hon. Bardish Chagger, Minister of Diversity and Inclusion and Youth.

Dear Sir:
I was surprised and disappointed by your Christmas message. I have been a Liberal supporter for some time and worked on the campaign to elect our new Liberal MP during the last election. I did so because I thought the Liberal Party was a “big tent” that included all Canadians.
As a non-believer, I felt excluded from your message. I understand the it was a message delivered at Christmas, but I know of nowhere I can hear your Solstice message, or your Channukah message, or any other such specific messages.
Not only did the message exclude us, but it implied that Christians have the monopoly on kindness and charity: that the rest of us should see the light and follow that exclusive message. A short visit to the principles page on our website ( will demonstrate that we secular humanists hold the same principles.
At Christmas, those of us who are not Christian feel pressured to recognize the Christian fact in our country. Given that our laws and government systemically discriminate against atheists year-round, one could hope the leader elected by those of us who see the social benefits of voting Liberal would try to reach out to all of us.
I hope and trust that your New Year’s message will be more inclusive and give us some sense that we elected the right party to lead our country into unity of all kinds.
Doug Thomas, President, Federal Advocate
Secular Connexion Séculière
cc: The Hon. Bardish Chagger, Minister of Diversity and Inclusion and Youth
cc: Tim Lewis MP, Kitchener-Conestoga

DougTElmira 6 Dec 27
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Christians do not have a monopoly on empathy for others. It is a human thing. And a dog thing.

SeanMoore Level 4 Jan 1, 2020


MsHoliday Level 8 Dec 27, 2019

Can you give examples of this: "laws and government systemically discriminate against atheists year-round"? 😕
I genuinely do not know of laws that discriminate against us here.

Section 319 3b of the criminal code gives religious apologists the right to utter hate speech or publish hate literature in spite of section 319 2 that says it's illegal to do so. Jews and atheists are the most common targets. Our national anthem as in the National Anthem Act excludes us because it is decidedly theist. The charities directorate regulations favour religions since they are automatically given charitable status for just promoting their theist religions, while secular humanist organizations must commit to specific charitable activities that they must prove they have done each year. For further information check out the Freedom of Thought Report from Humanists International (


Sure.. I agree overall. But I never feel "pressured" into recognizing the Christian fact of our country. That would be giving it far too much valuable thought time. lol

Davekp Level 8 Dec 27, 2019

I don't either, but the PM stepped over the line of separation of church and state this time.

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