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Now, that is cold.

Betty 8 Mar 4
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Probably a first.


My wife is a French Canadian and even she agrees with this statement. lol

SnowyOwl Level 8 Mar 5, 2023

Playing pocket billiards ?? perhaps moving his gonads to and fro acts as a counter balance weight enabling his frozen stiff legs to move??


I've been to Montreal, I almost became a hickcicle, my first time driving in snow was in a blizzard on my first trip to Montreal in 1994 and I was going to the Radisson hotel that's about 100 stories tall with a rotating restaurant on top. All the street signs were in French and I know nothing about French. I almost got stuck on a bridge crossing the St. Lawrence Seaway when until just now when I looked up the spelling is way shorter then I thought, I thought it was a causeway that was 30 miles or so.. I guess I wasn't in as much danger as I thought at the time.
I was really shook up by the time I found my hotel, but the view was crazy from the 80'th floor and that's when I learned that tall buildings sway in the wind.
I had just experienced the Northridge quake in Simi Valley California, so I was a traumatized mess.
Thank goodness for the frig alcohol or I may have had a panic attack.
Flying back sucked too we had gale force winds and had to land in Ontario California with the wings suddenly jerking up or down due to 40+ mph cross winds as we landed.
That's when I took up smoking weed again for the first time in a decade.

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Posted by BettyNow, that is cold.

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Posted by bookofmoronsAlways love to share this at Thanksgiving (Although Fiona stripped our fall foliage off so colours are few and far between this year . . sigh)

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Posted by bookofmoronsheard that nonsense from the local and Ottawa tantrum convoy at least a dozen times. If you're gonna "overthrow the government", you should at least know which country you're in.

Posted by SnowyOwlJust for Laughs. :D

Posted by QuidamOutrepont"Don't be sad. We could be in Ottawa, living in tyranny."

Posted by SnowyOwlSoon the occupiers who feel privileged will realize that privileges are not rights and hopefully leave and go home.

Posted by SnowyOwlIt's easy to believe that you are in the majority when you live in an echo chamber.

Posted by actofdogNinety percent of Canadian truckers are vaccinated so the ''freedom convoy'' is useless and has no end game, plus it is illegal now they only had a two day permit.

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