SouthEastern Atheists

Calling all atheists in the Deep south...Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and any others on the map pictured.

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RobertMartin 8 May 7
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I can't even imagine retiring in Georgia I can't wait till I move back to New Hampshire

august70 Level 5 May 9, 2019

That may be changing...i DO NOT want to retire here

moonmaid Level 8 May 9, 2019

More a comment on the climate or perhaps cost of living, than on the people. When I retire from here in the "great" state of Louisiana, I hope to move back to Eugene, OR, my mother's home town. Louisiana consistantly ranks near the bottom of every single quality of life measure I care about. Yay team???


This is true

LisaL81 Level 7 May 7, 2019

Not always so!

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