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While mourning the deaths at Colorado Springs park to honor five people killed and 17 wounded in a weekend shooting at a gay nightclub. It should be remembered, that along with the charges the man (Anderson Lee Aldrich,) charged with opening fire at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs and the murder and hate crime woundings, some one else shares equally in the blame.
Jeffrey "The Bastard" Holland, Mormon apostle, bigot and homophobic monster should be facing incitement to violence charges, and incitement to murder for the same incident!
Since Aug. 23 2021 Holland has been repeating an horrific keynote speech delivered at at BYU's annual conference all over Utah and the USA.
In his "Call to action" rhetoric, the Mormon Apostle, general authority and second in line to the church presidency/prophet-hood Jeffrey "Droopy" Holland gave an inflammatory diatribe in which he urged faculty to take up metaphorical muskets to defend the faith.
His words were unmistakably a call to arms: Holland used the word “fire” 10 times, “musket” eight times, and made multiple references to “friendly fire,” “wounds,” and “scarring.” In particular, he called for “more musket fire” from BYU’s faculty to defend Mormonism’s official position on the inferiority and social dangers of same-sex relationships and marriages.
The speech has since been published widely in the Ensign and other Deseret rags, been made available on the internet and repeated and quoted by Holland himself on numerous occasions.
Anderson Lee Aldrich took this call to action literally and seriously and the Mormon or any other god only knows how many other deranged individuals also did!

LenHazell53 9 Nov 22
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Hatred is worsening by the minute!!!!

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Posted by LenHazell53While mourning the deaths at Colorado Springs park to honor five people killed and 17 wounded in a weekend shooting at a gay nightclub.

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