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I came to the conclusion that the stories associated with Christianity were all nonsense at the age of 12. I continued in the Methodist Church for social reasons until the age of 18. I was almost always elected President of the Methodist Youth Fellowship, and I was on the Church board of directors. When I went to college, I had no more motivation to be involved in religion. I met a beautiful highly-motivated atheist woman when I was 22. We had 16 fantastic years together before she passed away. My second wife was not religious when I met her, but we moved from Silicon Valley to Bloomington, IL, home of the megachurches, and she because religious for social reasons. It was a disaster for our marriage. I'm now single again, looking for other like-minded atheists and agnostics.


I dreamed I got hit by a train and it woke me up. So, basically I got knocked conscious.
BD66 comments on Dec 6, 2018:
I've had similar dreams. One I can remember. I was playing baskeball, I fell to the floor and my arms were not in a position to protect my fall. I woke up face-down in bed, jumped up and wondered what happened to the basketball game.
After her housemates searched her room without permission and found guns, a Harvard grad student has...
BD66 comments on Dec 6, 2018:
Harvard grad students believe guns "might go off on their own". Amazing!
Any good source of energy. I need to stay focused at work every day.
BD66 comments on Dec 5, 2018:
Prior to age 40, I would swim a mile at lunch hour or in the mid-afternoon. That kept me awake for the rest of the day. Now at age 52, it just makes me need a nap.
Just saying.... I give you 3 days of notice... If you are a Republican, just go ahead and block me. ...
BD66 comments on Dec 5, 2018:
I sometimes vote Libertarian, sometimes vote Republican. Let's see what you have. What is the best stuff that you spew?
Am I estupid or, regardless of how many surgeries a guy undergo, the prostate will keep him "being a...
BD66 comments on Dec 3, 2018:
I think it's the XX or the XY chromosomes.
‚Ä™Normally I boycott Home Depot for political reasons but I was given a giftcard, I don’t want to...
BD66 comments on Dec 3, 2018:
What is your issue with the politics of Home Depot?
It seems a lot of the people on this website especially the liberals have substituted their lack of ...
BD66 comments on Dec 3, 2018:
You are 100% correct.
If your lover is not also your best friend, then you may be sleeping with your worst enemy.
BD66 comments on Nov 29, 2018:
Sounds like the marriage I'm still trying to get out of.
I'm willing to bet a progressive thought this one up... [] Also shared in g:447
BD66 comments on Nov 29, 2018:
Reminds me of a Monty Python skit:
Magnus Carlsen of Norway retains the World Champion title in chess! He just beat Fabiano Caruana of ...
BD66 comments on Nov 28, 2018:
12 draws! I'm glad I didn't follow the matches closely!
Hey everyone! I’m brand new to this site/app and curious how many out there have a background ...
BD66 comments on Nov 27, 2018:
Welcome Scott. I had enough science background to realize that most Old Testament stories had to be nonsense. For example the Universe was created in 13,000,000,000 years, not 6 days.
Other than Agnostic, what social networks do you use and like?
BD66 comments on Nov 26, 2018:
Facebook for me.
Why do the Satanists worship a God that went to Geogria and lot a fiddle playing contest to a ...
BD66 comments on Nov 26, 2018:
That question never occurred to me.
We constantly deceive and lie to our children that we love about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the ...
BD66 comments on Nov 26, 2018:
What's amazing is that the Santa Claus story is much more plausible than the story of a being that created a universe with 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars knocked up a teenage Jewish girl, then entered Earth in human form ~2000 years ago. Adults don't believe the Santa Claus story, but they do believe the Jesus story.
Seems to me that firing tear gas over the wall into Mexico is an act of war! What do you think?
BD66 comments on Nov 26, 2018:
There are a lot of similarities to the way Poland started WWII.
What's your stance on Roe vs Wade?
BD66 comments on Nov 26, 2018:
Pro-choice up until the baby could make it on its own (~24 weeks). After that I'm pro-life because killing the baby when it could survive on its own outside the womb is almost murder.
What will historians 2000 years from now regard as a barbaric practice of the 21st century that we ...
BD66 comments on Nov 25, 2018:
Probably killing animals to eat their muscles. We have the technology today to grow muscles in a test tube. It will likely be cost-effective and cheaper than growing the entire animal very soon (relative to 2000 years).
The stock market is collapsing like in 2008, but the media doesn't want to tell you....yet. ...
BD66 comments on Nov 25, 2018:
There is a big difference. In 2008, there was a lot of bad debt out there. In 2018, there isn't so much bad debt, it's just that the Federal Reserve is hiking interest rates so fast that those that borrowed money are being forced to sell. The forced selling is what is killing the market. Jerome Powell has been Trump's biggest mistake.
I would watch this so hard. The Bigfoot searching show got old after a few episodes, but flat ...
BD66 comments on Nov 25, 2018:
I realized the Bigfoot thing was impossible after about 1 season of that show. The big guy (don't remember his name), said "Deer are the favorite food of Squatches". At that point I realized that for the past 50 years, 10 million deer hunters are out in the woods looking for deer. If bigfoots are out there looking for the same deer, there would be many, many deer hunter/bigfoot encounters, but there are none.
Three ‘Rhino Poachers’ Eaten By Lions After Breaking In To South African Game Reserve - ...
BD66 comments on Nov 25, 2018:
Similar good news:
I DON'T QUESTION GOD, ALLAH, JEHOVAH, OR ANY OTHER DEITY God didn't help the native Americans who...
BD66 comments on Nov 24, 2018:
Christianity helps enslave people because they are willing to endure their miserable plight because of the promise of an eternal afterlife.
Who do atheists thank on Thanksgiving? []
BD66 comments on Nov 22, 2018:
Thank your family members for traveling to spend the day with you.
Is it possible to have a deep intimate relationship, as an atheist, with a catholic person?
BD66 comments on Nov 19, 2018:
It's working for me right now. My girlfriend of 11 months got up and went to mass while I slept in.
From Secretary Of State To The NFL
BD66 comments on Nov 19, 2018:
She would be a better NFL commissioner than Roger Goodell, but 75% adults with an IQ above 75 would be better NFL commissioners than Roger Goodell.
How do you guys overcome the fear of Hell? I know it still slightly nags at me from time to time, so...
BD66 comments on Nov 16, 2018:
I have no fear of Hell, so there is nothing to overcome.
In 1913 two amendments to the Constitution were added for the sole purpose of destroying the United ...
BD66 comments on Nov 13, 2018:
Prior to 1913, the majority of the US Government's revenue came from taxes on whiskey and other distilled spirits. They had to pass the income tax in order to implement Prohibition. One bad idea on top of another bad idea.
I actually prayed today. I was starving and stopped at a gas station and got some fried chicken. I ...
BD66 comments on Nov 12, 2018:
No reason not to hedge your bets.
Have you ever stopped to consider…? • We live on a planet that is spherical in nature. • ...
BD66 comments on Nov 12, 2018:
Sounds like a Monty Python Song.
Now lawsuits are being filed... []
BD66 comments on Nov 11, 2018:
Lefties will use any means necessary to win.
Vote for Head
BD66 comments on Nov 9, 2018:
All we are saying is "Give Head a Chance"
Trump pushes back at Michelle Obama - CNNPolitics
BD66 comments on Nov 9, 2018:
I thought he was going to bring french fries back into school lunchrooms.
Just curious on members belief in extraterrestrial life.
BD66 comments on Nov 8, 2018:
There are 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars out there. If one in a billion has a planet the right distance away from the star to support life, and one in a billion of those actually has life, that's still life on 1,000,000 different planets.
Has mental health treatment stopped evolving? I had the opportunity to hear retired U.S. Gen. ...
BD66 comments on Nov 8, 2018:
How about we put an end to the 15 year war in Iraq and the 17 year war in Afganistan? That way our military won't have to be deployed over and over and over again and suffer from the effects of living day after day wondering if they are going to be hit by a sniper or blown up by an IED.
Backwards world, we put soft porn and nakedness and put them behind sleeves and on the top shelf to ...
BD66 comments on Nov 7, 2018:
Same holds for military movies. You can show teenagers movies someone getting blown up with body parts everywhere, but show them a bare breast and everyone freaks out.
My brother ran as a Democrat for city commissioner, he's atheist and liberal like most of the people...
BD66 comments on Nov 7, 2018:
What city?
I voted straight republican today:) I am an independent but I want Trump to have all the support ...
BD66 comments on Nov 6, 2018:
I voted straight Republican too. I'm not a big fan of the GOP, but they are definitely the lessor of 2 evils.
[] State Rep Steve King Makes Bigoted Comments about Two Women Scotuses-Kagan and ...
BD66 comments on Nov 6, 2018:
Americans and American politicians have freedom of speech. However freedom of speech has consequences.
Can we ever reach beyond human understanding?
BD66 comments on Nov 6, 2018:
Some humans understand more than others. We understand a lot more than our ancestors did 50,000 years ago. Humans will continue to understand more, but it will be a slow process.
Another reason to avoid Waffle House restaurants : Fox News: Man falls through Waffle House ...
BD66 comments on Nov 6, 2018:
All it took for me to avoid Waffle House restaurants was to eat 1 meal there.
Why do I keep hearing that voting conservative is good for your money? Even if you are making 6 ...
BD66 comments on Nov 6, 2018:
Most Democrats want to raise taxes. Here is a summary of the new taxes that went into effect to fund Obamacare: Most Republicans want to cut taxes. Here is a summary of the Trump Tax Cuts: If you are making 6 figures, it's highly likely that you will pay more taxes under Democrats, and that difference in taxes will not be made up by receiving more services. Does that explain it?
I wonder how long Georgians are going to have to wait before we get to vote on legalizing marijuana?...
BD66 comments on Nov 6, 2018:
You might be right. If smoking weed is that important to you, you can always move.
I'm confused about something. This website came off as a dating site when I saw the advertisement on...
BD66 comments on Nov 5, 2018:
There aren't enough people on the site to make it a dating site yet. If it grows by a factor of 5 or 10, people will find more dates here.
Bill Clinton, Obama and Corey Booker have all had their picture taken with this man. Is there no ...
BD66 comments on Nov 5, 2018:
What's new about that? Here's Obama's pastor:
So regardless of what happens tomorrow it's not over. If you look globally there are two main themes...
BD66 comments on Nov 5, 2018:
At one time, countries expected politicians to put the interest of their own citizens first and foremost. Then after WWII and the Cold War, it became "The Free Market" vs. "Socialism/Communism" and countries were in the perverse position of being ashamed of looking out for their own interest. What we are seeing today with Trump and Trump equivalents in other countries is just reversion to a pre-WWII mideset.
Two of the women who accused Kavanaugh of rape have now admitted to lying for political reasons. ...
BD66 comments on Nov 4, 2018:
They should both do time in jail.
How can I stop acting feminine/gay?
BD66 comments on Nov 1, 2018:
Inject Testosterone and watch lots of John Wayne movies:
[] Disney Advertising is Paying Fox News For Anti-Semitism and Bigotry - WTF ...
BD66 comments on Nov 1, 2018:
I haven't watched Fox News or other Network news in a while, but isn't Fox quite a bit more pro-Israel than all the other networks. Why do you believe they are Anti-Semitic?
If I post here, will I automatically get 5 - 10 points?
BD66 comments on Oct 31, 2018:
Way more than that. You'll get lots of comments too!
A satirical explanation for society's current stupidity... the smarter of us have made it so that ...
BD66 comments on Oct 31, 2018:
Bill Shockley got in big trouble talking about that:
I never even heard of this lunatic before- []
BD66 comments on Oct 31, 2018:
He's a pretty active actor. He looks a lot older than he does in most of his movies:
"Shooting victim’s family shuns President Trump in Pittsburgh as top officials decline to join ...
BD66 comments on Oct 31, 2018:
Half the country likes him, half the country hates him: Pretty much the same story as Obama:
People, I will be busy for the next couple hours. One of my top two Monty Python movies is available...
BD66 comments on Oct 30, 2018:
Here's my favorite scene:
Now we know the real reason why Christine Blasey Ford testified against Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh Accuser...
BD66 comments on Oct 30, 2018:
There is good money in feeding leftist fantasies.
Stands to reason ... but economies will collapse if it did
BD66 comments on Oct 29, 2018:
Quick answer: Opioid addicts are in no position to make money to pay for their treatment. Diabetics are capable of making money to pay for their treatment.
BD66 comments on Oct 29, 2018:
To quote Marco Rubio, "The United States is not a planet" The figure below shows North America and Europe have reduced our coal consumption over the past 50 years. India and China however have about 2,400,000,000 people that want to live the same high energy consumption lifestyle we are living in the USA. Whatever we do to reduce our consumption of coal and other fossil fuels will be a pointless gesture that will spread economic pain to the middle class and lower classes. In the meantime, China and India will continue to consume more coal and other fossil fuels until those resources are gone.
Why is a bra singular and panties plural?
BD66 comments on Oct 26, 2018:
You think some really deep thoughts!
Well, what are your thoughts on the bomber getting caught?
BD66 comments on Oct 26, 2018:
I'm 100% in favor of the bomber getting caught.
Noam Chomsky: Today's Republican Party Could Be Most Dangerous Organization in Human History - The ...
BD66 comments on Oct 26, 2018:
I'm going to go with Hitler's Nazi Party and Stalin's Communist Party instead. They killed about 21M and 62M respectively. The Republicans are off to an awfully slow start.
[] 3:00 AM Trump Tweet Complains Bombs are Interferring With Rethuglicans in Voting ...
BD66 comments on Oct 26, 2018:
I think some crazy thoughts when I wake up at 3am too, but I keep them to myself and go back to sleep. Trump should do the same.
Here's a question I often pose to the anti-abortion crowd. This applies specifically to men, who, ...
BD66 comments on Oct 26, 2018:
I would use one of these zero-interest credit cards to pay for it:
Is the future of humanity bionic?
BD66 comments on Oct 26, 2018:
That's the only way I will ever play basketball like I did in the 80's.
Cancel all income taxes. Let the Government borrow from the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve can...
BD66 comments on Oct 24, 2018:
You belong in politics.
Do you believe that alien beings exist somewhere in this vast universe?
BD66 comments on Oct 19, 2018:
Yes, There are 10^24 stars out there. If only one in a trillion have a planet similar to Earth at the right distance from the star, there is a good chance there will be life on those planets. Scientists believe that it didn't take very long at all for life to get started on Earth. Earth is ~4,500,000,000 years old, and many believe life has existed on Earth for 4,000,000,000 years.
IT IS SELF EVIDENT.everything the left touches-Europe,,Venezuela,San Francisco,and all left ...
BD66 comments on Oct 19, 2018:
The great leftist experiment started 101 years ago in St. Petersburg. It has failed every single time. I don't understand how people could look at the last 101 years of history and still believe in Socialism or Communism. It's every bit as irrational as believing in Noah's ark.
Should I get a Master's Degree in Business (related material) or with engineering since I got my ...
BD66 comments on Oct 19, 2018:
Depends. If you like to work in the lab and solve technical problems, get a M.S. in engineering, otherwise if you like the business side, get an MBA. You can always work a few years before you make your decision.
When she's cute but...
BD66 comments on Oct 19, 2018:
I'm lucky, my girlfriend doesn't care at all about politics.
How do you guys deal with trying to hide your true feelings about God. I still go to a church ...
BD66 comments on Oct 19, 2018:
If you start saying "I don't believe in your Christian God" you will be surprised how many people agree with you.
Which was your first cell phone? ( mine was 16) ??
BD66 comments on Oct 19, 2018:
Do you remember any day in your life when you didn't tell a lie, at least a white lie? Why do ...
BD66 comments on Oct 18, 2018:
The majority of days in my life I had not told a lie. When I was young (7 years old), I used to tell outrageous lies, then my dad, a huge man, 6'3" 280 pounds and built like an NFL lineman, got very angry at me and told me "I don't want to ever hear a lie out of you again!" That made a big impression on me, and I've told very few lies since.
Golden Chanterelles!!! Picked over eighty pounds!
BD66 comments on Oct 17, 2018:
Congratulations! It looks like quite a haul!
Here's one you can use on believer-types.
BD66 comments on Oct 17, 2018:
You know it's not unlimited don't you. 4,500,000,000 years from now, the hydrogen will be all gone, then the sun will explode engulfing the Earth in a huge fireball. My son used to worry a lot about this.
The Eugenics Crusade on PBS's "American Experience" - utterly disturbing
BD66 comments on Oct 17, 2018:
Interesting history though.
Hello Agnostics....and others :) I am into diving and have a fascination with sharks, and other ...
BD66 comments on Oct 17, 2018:
What's your best diving experience? Mine is diving with 16' manta rays off the coast of Kona, Hawaii. My 2nd would be hanging out with a big male sea lion in the Santa Barbara channel.
Why Didnt Elizabeth Warren Just Keep Her Pie Hole Shut?
BD66 comments on Oct 17, 2018:
Poor judgement.
That would be a no for me. The night I met my late hubby was perfect. The night I met my new flame...
BD66 comments on Oct 17, 2018:
I wish I had a chance to NOT meet my soon to be ex-wife for the first time.
Where the political parties stand on issues:
BD66 comments on Oct 15, 2018:
Take this quiz. It's a much better test to see which party you are aligned with than the chart above:
What religion is the most ridiculous?
BD66 comments on Oct 15, 2018:
I think the Mayans where they would play the "ball game" then the captain of the winning team would become a human sacrifice.
Kushner Paid No Federal Income Tax for Years, Documents Suggest
BD66 comments on Oct 13, 2018:
The government makes the rules and enforces the rules. He's playing by the rules. What's the issue here?
Should starting every second sentence with the word "So" automatically attract a death sentence?
BD66 comments on Oct 13, 2018:
What is your opinion on this story: [] I have a particularly troubling remark, and I ...
BD66 comments on Oct 13, 2018:
What does this have to do with the Kavanaugh confirmation?
If I had a time machine I would stop O.J. Simpson from killing those people then nobody would know ...
BD66 comments on Oct 12, 2018:
That's pure brilliance!
I got a text fundraising for republicans. It said Dems are trying to buy the election. I responded, ...
BD66 comments on Oct 12, 2018:
Aren't both parties trying to buy the election?
Anti-vaxxer ‘warrior mom’: If vaccines are so great, ‘why aren’t they mentioned in the ...
BD66 comments on Oct 12, 2018:
No vaccines were in the Bible. No children with autism were in the Bible. There's your proof.
Do you think there progress in philosophy?
BD66 comments on Oct 12, 2018:
Very little. Philosophy used to take into consideration the latest developments in science, but that got too difficult for philosophers in the earliest 20th century, so very little interesting or meaningful philosophy has been generated for at least 100 years.
How do you feel about emojis and abbreviated words (like "u" instead of "you") in texts and emails?
BD66 comments on Oct 11, 2018:
My 8 year old daughter has me completely desensitized to both.
What is "Compartmentalization" with regard to religion?
BD66 comments on Oct 11, 2018:
Suspension of Disbelief is another potential explanation. Sane rational people can sit through 2 hours of a movie or TV show about a zombie apocalypse, dragons, vampires, etc. Sitting through a church service is no different. The difference is that most people don't let movies about zombies, dragons, and vampires influence their lives. When they let their life be influenced by stories about zombie Jesus, their compartmentalization is failing.
Living in America without health insurance is an extreme sport.
BD66 comments on Oct 9, 2018:
Living in America with Obamacare is also an extreme sport. It would cost me $1866/month to insure my family, and then the deductible is $14K
Pope blames the ? Devil for church's woes
BD66 comments on Oct 8, 2018:
Best scapegoat the Catholic Church has had for the past 2000 years.
Why do you think the religious right are so intent on forcing their agendas on others???
BD66 comments on Oct 8, 2018:
Because they believe God wants them to. Same reason the Muslims are so intent on forcing Sharia law on others.
Hothouse Earth
BD66 comments on Oct 8, 2018:
That seems extremely unlikely. C02 levels have been 17 times higher than they are today. The Earth has had life on it for 4 Billion years. We have been hit by comets, asteroids, huge volcanic eruptions, and the earth's climate has always come back to a point where it sustains life.
Interesting summary:
BD66 comments on Oct 6, 2018:
You need to post that so the lefties can see it. You are preaching to the choir here.
Guess who wasn't of legal driniking age when he was having all those beers? I was pretty sure that...
BD66 comments on Oct 5, 2018:
Yes, let's disqualify everyone from public service who drank a beer before they reached the legal drinking age.
What happened to the internet? Back in the late 90's and early 2000's I remember having ...
BD66 comments on Oct 5, 2018:
The first users of the internet were professors and graduate students at universities, researchers at Bell Labs, DARPA etc. The average IQ of an internet user was probably about 120 in 1990. As everyone got access to the internet, the entire Bell curve can now participate, and the average IQ is close to 100.
Listening to Collins trying to justify her "yes" vote for confirmation Kavanaugh will always be ...
BD66 comments on Oct 5, 2018:
It sounds like you all believe Christine Blasey Ford about the memories that "came back to her" 30 years after the alleged incident. Could you explain why Christine Blasey Ford is believable and Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, and Leslie Millwee were not believable when they made allegations about Bill Clinton without the 30 year delay from the alleged incidents.
I'm getting really tired of trying to engage leftists. They don't seem to care about facts. They ...
BD66 comments on Oct 3, 2018:
Arguing with them is every bit as productive as walking in to a fundamentalist Christian church where they dance around with rattlesnakes every Sunday morning and trying to convince them Noah's ark is impossible because every species on the planet would have the same genetic diversity because of the genetic pinch down to 2 surviving adults that happened at exactly the same time.
How many people have seen this, or plan to see it? Fahrenheit 11/9 []
BD66 comments on Oct 1, 2018:
I'm surprised it has done so poorly at the box office given all the hatred for Trump out there.
Now one month into my 3rd Tesla. Sold my Model S P85DL on August 31 and picked up my Model 3 ...
BD66 comments on Sep 30, 2018:
You have subsidized Elon Musk almost as much as Uncle Sam has. :-)
Are you afraid of death?
BD66 comments on Sep 29, 2018:
I'm more afraid of aging and losing my independence than I am of death.
Notes from when I worked as an extra on the Secretariat movie. Sept. 29, 2009, Morehead, KY. I'm...
BD66 comments on Sep 29, 2018:
I liked both of those movies.
What doesn't break you makes you harder.
BD66 comments on Sep 28, 2018:
I don't think I could be impartial if I went through what he has gone through. Hopefully he can.


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