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I came to the conclusion that the stories associated with Christianity were all nonsense at the age of 12. I continued in the Methodist Church for social reasons until the age of 18. I was almost always elected President of the Methodist Youth Fellowship, and I was on the Church board of directors. When I went to college, I had no more motivation to be involved in religion. I met a beautiful highly-motivated atheist woman when I was 22. We had 16 fantastic years together before she passed away. My second wife was not religious when I met her, but she became religious for social reasons. I've been trying to get divorced from her for 5 years. I've had a Catholic girlfriend for the past 3.5 years, and we get along great. She doesn't try to convert me, and I don't try to convert her.


I’m waiting
BD66 comments on Aug 27, 2021:
The Taliban were just sitting back chilling, waiting for us to get tired of spending $100,000,000,000 per year in that hellhole. They knew they would be back in power soon regardless of who was in the White Hosue.
2448 US Service personnel have been killed in the course of the last 20 years in Afghanistan.
BD66 comments on Aug 27, 2021:
2448/1000 = 2.448, not 25
Using Delta to kill the delta
BD66 comments on Aug 26, 2021:
They should charge unvaccinated passengers $200 more than vaccinated passengers too.
Why I have not really been sure of meditation
BD66 comments on Aug 24, 2021:
Here's another good one:
The King Master nailed it
BD66 comments on Aug 23, 2021:
And the new guy is even worse:
Medical advice
BD66 comments on Aug 21, 2021:
They might let you out of that 20 minute waiting area faster. :-)
I really hope I'm wrong
BD66 comments on Aug 20, 2021:
What are the 2nd and third images referring to?
Sorry. But I've a pretty dark sense of humor. 😆🍷🍷
BD66 comments on Aug 19, 2021:
That's dark all right.
I should be afraid to open my door.
BD66 comments on Aug 15, 2021:
Once you are vaccinated, it doesn't make a damn bit of difference how many unvaccinated people are sick around you.
Isn't this a rather baseless, false claim?
BD66 comments on Aug 11, 2021:
Michael Savage is an idiot.
A Happy 46th Birthday to award-winning actress Charlize Theron, born on August 7, 1975 in Benoni, ...
BD66 comments on Aug 7, 2021:
We took a Hollywood tour, and she was the first celebrity we saw.
He might be a douche bag and an office bully, but this is also true
BD66 comments on Aug 5, 2021:
No, Bill is a hypocritical SOB too:
I'm so happy I found this group! So nice to see fellow Atheists not associated with the liberal ...
BD66 comments on Aug 5, 2021:
We are a small minority here
Arguing with me is pointless.
BD66 comments on Aug 5, 2021:
This pathetic excuse for a President either lied about driving a 18 wheeler or does not know the ...
BD66 comments on Jul 30, 2021:
If his mind is so screwed up that he has no coherent memories, is it still lying?
The pendulum has swung so far in the wrong direction, it’s at the point where you gain more clout ...
BD66 comments on Jul 29, 2021:
I was thinking the same thing. This is ridiculous. All she has to do is show up at a gymnastics meet and perform. It's not like someone was asking her to storm Omaha beach into machine gun fire. If she did not feel like she could compete, she could have bailed out BEFORE the Olympics. I can't imagine people would celebrate Michael Phelps quitting before his big events in the Olympics. If people are looking for a hero, look at Katie Ledecky. People thought she would win the 400, she got 2nd. People thought she would win the 200, she got 5th. Then 1 hour later she won a gold medal in the 1500. The next day she pulled her team ahead in the 4X200m, and helped her team break the world record. Celebrate someone who perserveres through adversity, not someone who quits in the face of adversity.
27th July 1377…Black Death: First example of quarantine in Rugusa (now Dubrovnik, Croatia); city...
BD66 comments on Jul 27, 2021:
And countries did not have enough sense to do that in 2020!
The amount of wrong here is amazing.
BD66 comments on Jul 26, 2021:
That's why I'm agnostic.
Every Saturday night.
BD66 comments on Jul 26, 2021:
Lawrence Welk and Hee Haw both on the same night!
The most epic way
BD66 comments on Jul 26, 2021:
Makes me glad I'm not an octopus.
From the weird mind of Steven Wright.
BD66 comments on Jul 25, 2021:
Saw him at the University of IL, and in Las Vegas. He's one funny dude.
Vaccinations are up 14% from last week.
BD66 comments on Jul 24, 2021:
Stupid people have been making bad decisions and dying as a result of their bad decisions for thousands of years.
Good virgin
BD66 comments on Jul 24, 2021:
Mary pulled it off.
Fauci nailed it again Rand is a asshole
BD66 comments on Jul 24, 2021:
This is a very simple issue: I'm good at math, but Stephen Hawking if much better at math than I am. However, If Stephen Hawking went on TV one day and said: 2 +2 = 5. Then he said: 2+2 = 4. Then he said: 2+2 = 3. I know enough math to show Stephen Hawking is dishonest and cannot be trusted. The same holds for Fauci. He knows more about virology than I do and than Rand Paul does, but Rand Paul and I know enough about virology to know Fauci is a serial liar. Here is the one that convinced me that Fauci cannot be trusted: He literally says "People should not be walking around with masks" and "Masks are for healthcare providers and people that are ill". You can conclude two things: 1. Fauci is a complete idiot. 2. Fauci is telling a stupid lie to the American people. #1 Fauci and the CDC were complete idiots because the #1 way to prevent a viral spread is for the public to wear masks. They both allowed the store of US masks to be depleted and rather than tell people how to make homemade masks (like I was doing at the time), he lied to people and said masks were not for them. #2. Fauci is obviously lying about people needing masks in a pandemic. They had enough sense to wear masks during the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak, but 102 years later, Fauci was advising just the opposite. Fauci has since reversed his opinion and advised people who have already beat Covid-19 and people who have already been vaccinated to wear masks. Rand Paul is one of the few people who has been pointing out Fauci's lies and nonsensical advice all along. This not a partisan thing. Fauci is a government administrator who has both lied, broken laws, and been an tremendous failure in his role. The Gain of Function funding issue is more complicated than the mask issue, but you don't have to be very smart to understand that Fauci is again lying to Congress and the American public. This should not be a partisan issue. It's extremely likely that Covid-19 was developed at the Wuhan Virology lab, and that they failed to contain it. Covid-19 cost the USA trillions of dollars. Another pandemic like that could bankrupt the USA. We should not be using government funding to develop any more "super-viruses" that can spread from animals to people.
Yes he did
BD66 comments on Jul 23, 2021:
Destroy Rand Paul? "The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see." ― Ayn Rand
I caught this guy out by my pheasant enclosure last night.
BD66 comments on Jul 23, 2021:
How did it act towards you? Was it aggressive? I've heard feral cats are the worst.
I had just received the most disturbing scammer call.
BD66 comments on Jul 23, 2021:
All of my phones are on the "Do Not Call" list, and I still get the scam phone calls all the time. It's amazing our government seems to be able to nothing to stop the harassment.
Spoiler Alert
BD66 comments on Jul 23, 2021:
It appears to be close to 99.5%
“For me, the most ironic token of is the plaque signed by President Richard M.
BD66 comments on Jul 22, 2021:
Good point!
Illinois becomes 1st state to ban law enforcement from lying, deceiving minors during interrogation ...
BD66 comments on Jul 22, 2021:
Why only minors?
A busy road
BD66 comments on Jul 22, 2021:
At least they have 1 worker. Here in Illinois, they will put road cones out for 10 miles, reducing the 2 lanes down to 1 lane, and leave them there for months without a single worker in sight.
This clip is how I view Bezos and his "rocket" ship.
BD66 comments on Jul 22, 2021:
Do you think Bezos anticipated so much negative PR over this? Space is cool when Elon Musk builds rockets. It doesn't work for Bezos.
Trust the Big Pharma Scientists?
BD66 comments on Jul 22, 2021:
Many government funded scientists are worse. Many will say and do whatever it takes to keep the funding coming in. Here's the best example:
Women soccer/futbal players take a knee at the Olympics.
BD66 comments on Jul 21, 2021:
If everyone "takes a knee", then the act of "taking a knee" loses significance.
'bout right!
BD66 comments on Jul 21, 2021:
Wal Mart People?
15,000-year-old viruses discovered in Tibetan glacier ice Most of the viruses were previously ...
BD66 comments on Jul 21, 2021:
How about we leave that ice alone?
The phallic symbolism in our society is interesting...and funny
BD66 comments on Jul 21, 2021:
Both are designed for penetration.
Dick is good.
BD66 comments on Jul 21, 2021:
Stop buying products on
The Young Turks - Neil deGrasse Tyson SHUTS DOWN Ben Shapiro []
BD66 comments on Jul 21, 2021:
That's the most ridiculous headline I've ever seen. Watch the whole show:
Jeff Bezos' live space flight was shameful. "Whitey on the Moon."
BD66 comments on Jul 20, 2021:
The best way to express your displeasure would be to stop buying products from Tesla and Amazon.
Frightening news from people way smarter than myself.
BD66 comments on Jul 20, 2021:
2. the delta variant is roughly 1,000 times more infectious than previous versions; where it may have taken an hour inside to become infected previously, it may take a minute now, The delta variant is roughly 1.5 times more infectious than previous versions. “It’s actually quite dramatic how the growth rate will change,” says Dr. Wilson. Delta is spreading 50% faster than Alpha, which was 50% more contagious than the original strain of SARS-CoV-2, he says. “In a completely unmitigated environment—where no one is vaccinated or wearing masks—it’s estimated that the average person infected with the original coronavirus strain will infect 2.5 other people,” Dr. Wilson says. “In the same environment, Delta would spread from one person to maybe 3.5 or 4 other people.”
Asia. - Heat Of The Moment []
BD66 comments on Jul 20, 2021:
And now you find yourself in 82.
Can Civilization Survive What’s Coming?
BD66 comments on Jul 19, 2021:
it may be confused about why an intelligent species that could build rockets and write songs like “Imagine” couldn’t heed warnings of its own destruction. Because the "warnings" were nonsense.
BD66 comments on Jul 18, 2021:
You have not met the right men.
Brought to you by Ron DEATHsantis (R-Florida), I am not sure if this makes me want to laugh or cry.
BD66 comments on Jul 17, 2021:
Covid-19 Death Rates per million for our 6 largest states: California 1622 Texas 1827 Florida 1788 New York 2783 Pennsylvania 2179 Illinois 2038 It should make you want to educate yourself and stop blindly believing propaganda.
Should broadband in the US be a public utility ?
BD66 comments on Jul 17, 2021:
If it was, it would cost a fortune, and it would suck.
Gallup Finds Only 45% Of Republicans Believe In Science As deadly new variants of the coronavirus...
BD66 comments on Jul 17, 2021:
How do you believe or not believe in science? That's like believing or not believing in history, economics etc.?
Feel the need to innocently upset a white Christian today? I got you.
BD66 comments on Jul 16, 2021:
So Africans paint Jesus to look African and Europeans paint Jesus to look European. We will never sequence God's DNA, so we'll just have to stick with the following policy: "You can make your imaginary friends any color you want them to be"
Repug Lemmings March to the Sea
BD66 comments on Jul 16, 2021:
Let's look at the 6 largest states in the USA and their deaths/million and their median ages: State _____________Death/Million _ ____Median Age California _________1619 _____________37.0 Texas ______ _______1816 _______ ______35.0 Florida ____________1784 _____________42.5 New York _________2783 _____________39.2 Pennsylvania ______ 2178 ____________40.8 Illinois ____________2037 ____________38.6 Florida is the second lowest in deaths per million, and Florida has by far the oldest median age. If Florida had bad policies, you would expect Florida to have by far the highest death rate. Cuomo is by far the biggest failure at protecting his population from Covid-19 deaths. DeSantis and Florida are a success story.
For you baseball fans. A milestone
BD66 comments on Jul 16, 2021:
That's about all the baseball I remember from the 90's.
Mmm..I think this s quite accurate…
BD66 comments on Jul 15, 2021:
Poor Comey. They left and the right both hate him.
Yup nobody wants to
BD66 comments on Jul 15, 2021:
They have a great song:
Pro-Trump pastor: God is going to ‘begin killing wicked men and women’ who opposed Trump – ...
BD66 comments on Jul 14, 2021:
God hasn't been killing any wicked men and women since the Old Testament times. I have my doubts he will change his policy over Donald Trump.
The more things change, the more they remain the same
BD66 comments on Jul 14, 2021:
Smallpox and Covid-19 are completely different. It's amazing people would be against smallpox vaccinations.
I’ll offer AOC and Sanders for two
BD66 comments on Jul 14, 2021:
That's a fantastic idea!
This obelisk is in rural Alabama, halfway between Birmingham and Huntsville.
BD66 comments on Jul 14, 2021:
When you started your story, I thought they weren't going to bury him in the same location as Christians.
Pretty good advice overall
BD66 comments on Jul 14, 2021:
Same concerns for Clinton, Obama, and Biden? 42nd (1993–2001) Bill Clinton (born 1946) N/A N/A [15] 43rd (2001–09) George W. Bush (born 1946) Second lieutenant Air National Guard [8] 44th (2009–17) Barack Obama (born 1961) N/A N/A [44] 45th (2017–2021) Donald Trump (born 1946) N/A N/A [11] 46th (2021–present) Joe Biden (born 1942) N/A N/A [45]
Is anyone familiar with Sth Africa?
BD66 comments on Jul 14, 2021:
This article explains what is going on:
I'm defiantly happier since I been an Atheist and my mind opening to more things like dating outside...
BD66 comments on Jul 14, 2021:
Watch out for the women from overseas, particularly if they have not established themselves with a career here. You don't know for certain whether she loves you for you, or whether she wants you for: 1. A green card. 2. Your money. 3. As a means to get her family into the USA. If you are dating someone who is not a US resident, take it VERY slowly.
A political cartoon in the Seattle Times.
BD66 comments on Jul 13, 2021:
At least we are leaving.
What he will likely recommend next.
BD66 comments on Jul 12, 2021:
People would probably keep their distance from you if you did that.
If only more companies did this
BD66 comments on Jul 12, 2021:
Most companies can't. If you have a high tech company like Dan Price with a huge profit per employee, it's possible. If you are operating a retail store, restaurant, low-tech manufacturing center, etc. your company would go out of business offering $70K per year to each employee.
That is what they are all about
BD66 comments on Jul 12, 2021:
The Democrats currently control the White House and Congress. Do you see them trying to lower the estate tax exemption? Do you see them trying to get rid of GRATs? Do you see them trying to make contributions to their own foundations taxable? Nope. They are trying to keep their big donors happy too.
Have you ever read...
BD66 comments on Jul 12, 2021:
All the time!
Yesterday, on Telemundo -Spanish TV/NY-I watched the people of Cuba running on the streets of Havana...
BD66 comments on Jul 12, 2021:
Collectivism is much worse than Christianity.
and again……
BD66 comments on Jul 12, 2021:
Mardi Gras in Nebraska is hilarious!
Life can be hard
BD66 comments on Jul 12, 2021:
It's harder when you are stupid.
The Animals - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (1965) [youtube.
BD66 comments on Jul 12, 2021:
Illinois theme song. :-(
Demonstrators in Havana protest shortages, rising prices
BD66 comments on Jul 12, 2021:
More proof Communism is a complete disaster.
Do any of you meet in your local area with other atheists, agnostics, humanists, etc.?
BD66 comments on Jul 11, 2021:
We have a group like this in Bloomington, IL: You could probably search on for similar groups in your area.
Fool me twice..
BD66 comments on Jul 11, 2021:
You know, given all the stupid irrational things most humans do, maybe we are all a result of too much inbreeding?
That's a good damn deal!
BD66 comments on Jul 11, 2021:
When I as in grad school in 1989, I kicked off a computer program, then went off on vacation. When I got back, I found out my program has used 3MB of memory on the computer system, and everyone was pissed at me. Today, 3MB is a single high-quality photograph.
10th July 1040…English history: Lady Godiva rides naked on horseback through the streets of ...
BD66 comments on Jul 10, 2021:
I wish the wives of Democratic politicians would do the same!
We just passed 1900 members in our little group
BD66 comments on Jul 9, 2021:
And some people actually think that he got more votes than any president in history…..
BD66 comments on Jul 9, 2021:
Of course they love him overseas. We had a "America First" President for 4 years who negotiated on our behalf. We now have an "America Last" President who is going putting his office (and the wallets of American taxpayers) up for sale again.
We need to take up a collection to buy GPS systems for both Kamala and Biden.
BD66 comments on Jul 9, 2021:
Lost is an understatement.
China Killing It With Their Vaccine Rollout.
BD66 comments on Jul 9, 2021:
What's amazing is that Japan now has only 15% of its population fully vaccinated. You would think when they spent billions of dollars to host the Olympics that they would vaccinate their population so they could host plenty of visitors, but evidently not. We focus on all the stupid decisions our government makes, but foreign governments make just as many (if not more) bad decisions.
Amen for sure....
BD66 comments on Jul 9, 2021:
I hate splinters too.
I just have to Post Memes...
BD66 comments on Jul 8, 2021:
I've never tried that. Does it really work?
They're probably about to disparage someone less fortunate then themselves
BD66 comments on Jul 8, 2021:
For good reason.
You would hope that it would be obvious
BD66 comments on Jul 7, 2021:
I want to see someone eat the pizza without opening the box!
Say my name!
BD66 comments on Jul 7, 2021:
It worked out pretty well. He made money and got his aggressive cancer treatment. He didn't die waiting for treatment like cancer patients in the UK.
Sucks to be Joe right now.
BD66 comments on Jul 7, 2021:
Must be tough to compete with some dude who created 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars.
When the democratic primaries started, Biden proposed a billion-dollar moonshot to end cancer.
BD66 comments on Jul 7, 2021:
Obama put Biden in charge of curing cancer back in 2016: Biden failed. Biden then attempted to cure cancer again: Biden will fail again, just like the Democrats will fail to control the Earth's climate. These repeated ridiculous and completely unobtainable goals that the Democrats seek to reach with tax dollars only highlight their ignorance and poor grasp on reality.
I guess sometimes women's equality takes one step forward and two steps back - in heels.
BD66 comments on Jul 3, 2021:
Hopefully they don't wear those heels when they fight on mountainous terrain.
xtians obsession w/ sex is almost as perverse as Muslims absolute fear of being enticed by women - ...
BD66 comments on Jul 2, 2021:
I'm on a Track and Field group on facebook, and the Muslim guys are hilarious. They are complaining that the women's track outfits are too revealing. Everyone is warning them about beach volleyball. :-)
Well, it works with the help of your American cousins!
BD66 comments on Jul 1, 2021:
Scissors, the industrial might of the USA, and millions of soldiers from the USSR Red Army.
Why is it so many corporations these days are in this position but their stock prices are at all ...
BD66 comments on Jun 30, 2021:
If that is a serious question, here is a serious answer:
Bill Cosby to be released after Pennsylvania Supreme Court - CNN
BD66 comments on Jun 30, 2021:
It's actually a good thing when people like Bill Cosby and Robert Kraft can spend enough money to hold corrupt prosecutors accountable. It's too bad more people don't have the money to do so.
Who pays the “fact checkers”?
BD66 comments on Jun 29, 2021:
It's crazy. You can make up a "fact check" name and create a "fact check" web site, then claim to be the ultimate arbiter of what is true and what is false, and people fall for that nonsense.
Joan Jett before a concert in 1976 sans make up.
BD66 comments on Jun 28, 2021:
She's so pretty she doesn't need make up.
Nuckin' Futs!
BD66 comments on Jun 28, 2021:
We need a facepalm emoji for that one.
Is racism evolutionary?
BD66 comments on Jun 28, 2021:
Another explanation might be that humans (like wolves or dogs) are pack animals. For the majority of our existence (~100,000 years) modern man existed in small groups that shared very similar genetics. They were no doubt inclined to do what was necessary to protect and insure the survival of people in their own group (with shared genetics), and do less to protect and insure the survival of people outside their own group (with less similar genetics). Once humans started traveling the world (15th century), they would have encountered people who had evolved separately from them for many thousands of years. They would have been much more worried about the welfare of people they were traveling with than those they encountered in far away places.
Black Christian Stockholm Syndrome
BD66 comments on Jun 27, 2021:
The Christian lie worked on the serfs in Europe for centuries. It worked just as well on the enslaved Africans.
Can someone tell our purpose of existing on this earth?
BD66 comments on Jun 27, 2021:
You won the lottery. A child is conceived 1 out of every 750 times a couple has sex. 100,000,000 sperm are trying to fertilize the egg. You come from the sperm that won. You beat odds of 75,000,000,000 to 1 just to exist. Enjoy the life you are fortunate to have.
It seems that left wing Democrats are required to read the book 1984.
BD66 comments on Jun 26, 2021:
Our government didn't have enough sense to set up and equivalent of Ellis Island or Treasure Island when Covid-19 hit, and it cost us trillions of dollars.
An honest book review....
BD66 comments on Jun 26, 2021:
Perhaps this web site name should be changed to She reported in 1937 on the Loyalist cause in Spain for the Communist magazine, 'The New Masses.'[48] At the behest of Otto Katz, a covert Soviet Comintern agent and operative of German Communist Party agent Willi Münzenberg, Parker helped to found the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League in 1936, which the FBI suspected of being a Communist Party front.[49] The Hollywood Anti-Nazi League's membership eventually grew to some 4,000 strong. According to David Caute, its often wealthy members were "able to contribute as much to [Communist] Party funds as the whole American working class," although they may not have been intending to support the Party cause.[50] Parker was listed as a Communist by the publication Red Channels in 1950.[54] The FBI compiled a 1,000-page dossier on her because of her suspected involvement in Communism during the era when Senator Joseph McCarthy was raising alarms about communists in government and Hollywood.[55] As a result, movie studio bosses placed her on the Hollywood blacklist.
Identifies as cyclist
BD66 comments on Jun 25, 2021:
Ryan Crouser should identify as a woman and throw the 12 pound shot out of the stadium.
I never thought about this before. I guess I won't be donating this way anymore.
BD66 comments on Jun 25, 2021:
This is a completely false meme. It features a check-out cashier at Walmart. :-)
I never thought about this before. I guess I won't be donating this way anymore.
BD66 comments on Jun 25, 2021:
Exactly! Every customer at Taco Bell should say: "If I wanted to donate money to a charity, I would write a check to the charity and take a tax deduction. I came here for a taco."


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