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Quotes on Academia by Boyd K. Packer. Apostle of the LDS Church former head of church History and education

I have a time with historians because they idolize the truth. The truth is not uplifting; it destroys.

Historians should tell only that part of the truth that is inspiring and uplifting.

Faithful History: Essays On Writing Mormon History,

Some things that are true are not very useful.

[H]istorians who are Latter-day Saints write history as they were taught in graduate school, rather than as Mormons...That is not scholarship.

(secular) History can be as misleading as gossip

Teaching some things that are true, prematurely or at the wrong time, can invite sorrow and heartbreak.

The Lord made it very clear that some things are to be taught selectively, . Those who have carefully purged their work of any religious faith in the name of academic freedom or so-called honesty ought not expect to be accommodated in their researches.

β€œThe Mantle Is Far, Far Greater Than the Intellect,” Boyd K. Packer. 1981

LenHazell53 9 June 14
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Wow! I am speechless. Sounds like he was renouncing Joseph Smith himself. How did he get away with it?

Heraclitus Level 8 June 14, 2018

He wanted all the truth about Joseph's myth to be suppressed utterly and for official church historians to simply put out the official propaganda (oops "faith promoting" ) stories (for which read lies)
Yet bare in mind this was the dick who along with former president Hinckley, current Mormon no.2 Dallin Hoax and the first presidency paid thousands of dollars for the faked up documents claiming Smith actually got the BOM from a talking golden salamander sent from the devil, mocked up by MORMON FORGER EXTRAORDINAIRE Mark Hoffman, so that they could hide them.
Which for me proves absolutely the first presidency and quorum of the 12 has always known Smith was a con man and by extension so are they.

@LenHazell53 I never understood why Gordon B. Hinckley fell for the Salamander forgery. If he were a TBM he should have known better, and if he was not a TBM he should have know better. In any event, he made both himself and the LDS Church look incredibly foolish and they've been embarrassed and apologetic about the incident ever since.

I always assumed that he knew perfectly well Smith was full of shit and might well have been trying to sell the story elsewhere, something they needed to suppress πŸ™‚

@LenHazell53 So when Hinckley later said, "I frankly admit that Hofmann tricked us," you think that was a BS cover for the attempted suppression of the letter?

Yes because the contents were never revealed by the church but by Hoffman himself, plenty of the other forgeries he sold them had been disclosed, because they backed up the official version of the church history (the Lucy Mac letters, the printers invoice, the reformed Egyptian transcriptions) they were all bait to lend credibility to the authenticity of the Salamander letter. This was Hoffman's coup de grace and he admitted part of his motivation all along had been to embarrass the church with the most preposterous story ever, knowing they would go for it out of pure fear of their "prophet" being shown up as a satanist.
when Hoffman went to trail for murder and bombings and began spilling the beans they had to admit to being tricked as the only way to get their money back.

@LenHazell53 Interesting, but it seems the cure was worse than the disease, so to speak.
Since the scandal, even TBMs have begun to wonder what kind of a prophet of the Lord is it that is so naive, foolish, and lacking in divine guidance? It seems the weak BS rationalizations have only made things worse. Such as Hinckley saying "I am not ashamed to admit that we were victimized. It is not the first time the Church has found itself in such a position. Joseph Smith was victimized again and again. The Savior was victimized. I am sorry to say that sometimes it happens." Not very reassuring words coming from the mouth of the Prophet!

It is largely why there have been no revelations, or divine pronouncements from any of the prophets in almost 40 years.
The LDS has redefined what a prophet is, and it does not include divine guidance, the gift of prophesy in the accepted sense, infallibility, healing, counseling, tongues, the ability to work miracles other than to live on a "modest" stipend of $120,000 per year, plus living allowance, plus parsonage allowance, plus use of church cars and transport, plus child allowance (regardless of age of children) plus food allowance and entertainment allowance, plus expenses (unlimited) for anything else needed. Oh yes and of course salaries for being the CEO of the corporation of the president of the church of latter day saints and a salary for being the CEO of the corporation of the corporation of the presiding bishop of the church of latter-day saints and administrative control of the churches investments currently valued at $32 BILLION.

But so far as metaphysical and holy powers go, the Prophet can do no more than anyone else with the second anointing.


I hated Boy Fudge packer as you may realise, he was a despicable , it is sobering to think that if the old bastard had not died last year he would now be prophet of the church.
Personally I'm convinced this was why Monson kept being dragged back from deaths door.

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