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This is a question. If being a Mormon was a bad thing you would want to have avoided, what would you name the list of reasons not to be apart of the Mormon church? Can you add a photo?

Pick a name for that group of reasons which would have appealed to you before you realized the Mormon expierence was not going to be a good thing. The shortest phrase to your awakening that it’s OK, I’m not a Mormon.

Shoulderwarmer 5 Nov 26
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Pick pockets and thieves of Native American history!! I was attracted to the association with Native American history claim at the beginning. The Book of Mormon is actually an effort to steal the Native American history. If I had known the Book of Mormon was a Utopia by Thomas Moore in the early 1500’s spin off, it would have changed my life. The Mahonri Moriancumer-my honoring Morean comer (look up Morean in the dictionary) and Moroni—More On it, Mosiah—more messiah or more Isaiah and of course Mormon—“more man” association I would have not embarked on a bad path. Not to mention the over $30 billion scam on religion.


Being stuck and unable to fix my problems because the solutions would offend god and I was supposed to wait around for him to do it.


I suppose one could give a long list of reasons, but for me I think the main reasons have to do with the contradictions between how they sell their religion and how they really practice it. Joseph Smith often preached about truth, the principle of intelligence, whatever principle of intelligence we attain in this life we take with us into the resurrection, and that knowledge is power. But, what I experienced in the LDS Church was:

  1. An incredible dumbing-down. It was all about conformity to whatever the "current" teaching of the LDS Church was at the time. Independent thinking resulted in persecution and social ostracism.
  2. An incredible deception and cover-up of the true history of the LDS Church. Being honest was a good way of getting yourself either dis-fellowed or excommunicated. Just ask D. Micheal Quinn.
  3. Incredible illogic. Mormons routinely denounced teaching of their former prophets and simply believed whatever the current prophet said. They didn't even attempt to make sense of things.
  4. An incredible elitism. The "saints" talked about the "gentiles" almost like they were subhuman.
  5. An incredible racism against blacks, the cursed children of Ham.
  6. An incredible condescending and illogical self-righteousness. I was condemned for things like auditing classes and paying off a loan in advance because those things were considered unethical, not to mention constant condemnation for not marrying young to...whomever. (Love was never mentioned, just duty and obligation.)
  7. An incredible hypocrisy. See all of the above.
Heraclitus Level 8 Nov 26, 2019

Why Moronism is evil:

  1. Moronism teaches mythology as if it were reality. For example, study the prophecies of Joe Smith and compare them with history. You will discover that he was a false prophet.

  2. Moronism discourages people thinking for themselves. Members are taught only to hear and obey whatever the leaders tell them to do. It is a form of slavery. Morons spend several hours a week just doing what they are told -- attending meetings, preparing lessons, doing various things for the sake of the church.

  3. Moronism demands 10% of members' income for tithing, plus other offerings, causing some Morons to end up in poverty.

  4. Moronism forbids masturbation, causing many young Morons to become fornicators, adulterers, or perverts of various kinds.

  5. Moronism persuades young members, about age 19-21, to give up two years (or one and a half years) of their lives to preach their mythological nonsense to others and try to convert them. Many missionaries are sent to far-off countries, where they have to learn a foreign language and cannot ever leave their missionary companion throughout the mission.

  6. Moronism forces its members to fast for 24 hours on the first Sunday of every month, and contribute the money they would have spent on food to the church.

  7. Although Moronism does not allow polygamy anymore (it used encourage it), it teaches that after death, when faithful Morons become gods, the men will have numerous wives, with whom they will populate the worlds they create.

  8. The Moron temple ceremonies are a ridiculous combination of Masonic rituals and mythical fantasies.

9+. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera....


Sorry I cannot understand a word of that post

What is the unpleasant truth you would like to tell about your Mormon experience? Sum it up in one short phrase if you can. The unpleasant truth you wish you knew sooner.

@Shoulderwarmer They are a bunch of lying bastards who worship a pervert conman

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