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I was born into a Mormon family and raised to be a Moron (oops, Mormon). I even served a two-year mission in Argentina. Later, I married a Mormon woman and had two children. While the children were still quite young, I did some research, hoping to prove Mormonism to be correct, so that I could convert my non-Mormon friends. I was shocked to discover that Joseph Smith, the founding prophet of the Mormons, was a false prophet. He made predictions in the name of the Lord that did not come true, and the time of their possible fulfillment had passed. Therefore, I left the Morons and was excommunicated for apostasy. Upon my excommunication, my wife took the children and disappeared. Later, I got divorce papers in the mail. I have not seen her since.

Upon leaving the Morons, I looked around at other churches. After a few years of searching, I put the biblical prophets to the same test I used on Joseph Smith. They failed as miserably as Joseph Smith. That's when I abandoned all religion, having discovered that it is only a scam based on mythology.

Free at last! I may have lost a family I loved, but I have my intellectual integrity intact. I am happier now than ever. smile001.gif


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