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The truth -- supported by facts and evidence -- shall set you free! 🙂

BestWithoutGods 8 Feb 24
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Ha, ha. That's awesome.

Though you really don't even need facts and evidence to be free. Just enough sense to realize you don't need a bunch of old and/or dead prophets to babysit you all the time.

This is how I escaped Mor(m)onism: In my late 20's I decided to do research to prove to friends that the church was true. I studied the prophecies of Joe Smith and compared them to history. Instead of proving that the church was true, I proved to myself that Smith was a FALSE prophet. I found several examples of prophecies of his that did not come true, and the time for fulfillment had passed. I showed my findings to the local church leader (the bishop) and before I knew it I was excommunicated for apostasy. That's the best thing the Moron church ever did for me. Free at last! 🙂

@BestWithoutGods That's how it goes for a lot of people and it's quite a sensible way to go about it. My journey was more the reverse.

I actually went hyper-spiritual for a while. I soon realized that church members were comfortable in this sort of failure mode where they beat themselves up for never living up to these high ideals they say they should be living up to but never do, like the law of consecration. I actually did my best to live those things for a while and the results were quite eye opening. First of all, the church members rejected me. Secondly, it didn't take me long to realize the ideals were unrealistic, dangerous, and a bunch of bunk. From there it was an easy switch to atheism.

For the record, I practically tried to get them to ex me for apostasy but they never did. My husband tried to talk the bishop into it but the bishop decided that as long as I wasn't trying to get followers, they'd let me stay.


Puts meaning to the word hypocrite.

What's so hypocritical about it?

@BestWithoutGods Religions are hypocritical, & the morons are right up there!

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