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In the administrate law court there is a request that the God "in which they trust" would be present at a hearing in accordance with prior government documentation precedence.

If, they cannot produce this God in which they trust we should expect they will order a removal of all "In God We Trust " from all the government terrorist controlled buildings, writings. Police cars and money.

If you would like to be present for this historical event of either: God being arrested by warrant, subpoena duces tecum, or perhaps a writ of attachment; or the governmental terrorist ordering removal of all "In God We Trust ": you can:

When calling to verify hearing date in reference to Shannon Pool. This is not to be confused with court fillings of the investigation of Deputy Sheriff Shannon Pool for the criminal investigation of organized criminal activity of governmental officials that has, in part, caused the disability of Shannon Pool because of their governmental terrorist attacks on Shannon Pool. The original terrorism attacks are documented in part in cases Pool versus klu klux klan Masonic lodge governmental corruption organization et al in Wichita Falls TX and Pool versus state of Texas (klu klux klan Masonic lodge governmental corruption organization) in Federal court in Amarillo TX.

Pertaining to getting information about the hearing request for their God's presents or removal of "In God We Trust " , please contact the social security administrative law Judge numbers.

Word 8 Jan 13
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Salute to you. You are actively working for the cause while I am only debating it (online). I must actively contribute.

St-Sinner Level 9 Jan 13, 2023

IDK what this is.....but at least call Him ( ? ) as a witness.
He sees it all ya know

twill Level 7 Jan 13, 2023

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