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A young beautiful and talented Keira Knightley (now well in to her 30's - born 1985 [] puts atheist/agnosticism perfectly!

Robecology 9 Mar 27
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Yes, how confessing sins to a priest alleviates guilt never made any sense to me. If one doesn't feel guilt about doing someone wrong, then they aren't a very good person. Saying a few prayers in penance can't take the place of actually trying to right the wrong done to the person or to humanity instead. One doesn't need religion for that. Just a good conscience -- and perhaps a good upbringing for doing the right thing, instead of going through life thinking we can just confess at the end and be rewarded.

Julie808 Level 8 Mar 27, 2023

Speaking as a former catholic, confession does not alleviate guilt. Of course, that might be part of the reason that I am a former catholic.

@piphirho We were forced to go to confession every Saturday, and I honestly didn't have anything to confess, so I'd make stuff up. It's really twisted to assume everyone in a family has sinned each week and needs to confess. Curiously though, my parents never had to go to confession, only us kids.


How can she be well into her 40's if she was born in 1985?

ASTRALMAX Level 8 Mar 27, 2023

OOOps....good point! Bad math on my part! (fixed it!).


Very true.

Oldman51 Level 7 Mar 27, 2023

My Son was born in 1983, and we just celebrated his fortieth birthday three days a go

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