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Question for members.

I am cleaning out the basement and wondering where to drop things off.

One local place resells used clothes and donates a bit of their sales income to a national charity a good one). But most of the money goes to the owners.

The other place is a Mission store that funds aid projects in Africa. However that includes buying bibles (and sending missionaries too I assume). They resell the clothes at a better price to the needy and they really support local charities such as the food bank.

I'm torn.

so which would you choose and why?

bookofmorons 8 Aug 25
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Contact Women's shelters, homeless shelters near you they generally would hand over stuff to those that need it.

Budgie Level 8 Nov 20, 2019

Are there any homeless near you? I put my items into their hands.

LucyLoohoo Level 9 Aug 28, 2019

sounds like procrastination to me! you can just become a hoarder.

mzee Level 7 Aug 27, 2019

oh, you're in canada. all bets are off; i know nothing about charitable organizations in canada!


genessa Level 8 Aug 25, 2019

controls seem tighter here than in the states but lots of room for scams to.

@bookofmoron i understand. of course an entity doesn't have to be a scam to be religiously affiliated and hell-bent, so to speak, on converting the recipients of their purported generosity. i still recommend either a secular or a jewish charity. a christian one WILL make religious demands on the recipients.


@genessa small place . . . kinda one or the other

@bookofmoron sorry to hear it. rock/hard place. i guess i'd choose the private entity. they may be rather cheeky asking for donations instead of investing in their business, but at least they're not laying religion on anyone and they're honest about what they're doing.



missions suck. sorry, but they do. i would not choose either. find a local food shelf and see if it also takes clothing donations (my local one does). or find arc, which serves the developmentally disabled. those would be my choices, but that's me.


p.s. if you're intent upon donating to a religious institution, consider my experience when i was looking on ebay for a charity from which to buy a small gift for my guy in order to donate to said charity. i consulted with a few and found that (to no one's surprise i'm sure) all the christian ones had the caveat that they would try to convert the people they were trying to help. only the jewish ones didn't do that. there is a reason for this: jews are forbidden to proselytize. jews are not looking for converts! giving freely is part of the religion. so if you MUST choose a religious charity, try to find a jewish one. but there are charities unaffiliated with any religion at all. the trick is finding one that accepts material donations rather than money, not to mention finding something local.

genessa Level 8 Aug 25, 2019

The church one as it serves the local people and sorry to say but one thing some churches do well is get stuff to the poor.

not to influence but kind of my thoughts too

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