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Ok, not entirely sure where to post this...
But i came across this meme that is being shared and it just makes my brain hurt just trying to comprehend the thought process behind this...
Who thinks this shit up?

Marcus1701 5 Dec 13
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Nothing but idiots! Or, is it butt idiots.

BirdMan1 Level 8 Nov 11, 2020

Even though many organized religions are losing members, evangelicals are gaining power in the United States.
This is scary, their talk of satan and demons.
I just started reading Catherine Nixey's book The Darkening Age (The Christian Destruction of the Classical World). It's scary how much he attitudes of evangelicals are so much like those of the early middle ages.


Anything that isn't "Praise Jesus" is from the Devil............from the christian standpoint on life......... I give devils the same concern I give gods. None.

Garth69 Level 2 Dec 21, 2019

Satan is the supernatural fall guy. Atheist are believed at least by many sects of Christianity (including the one I came from) to be slaves to Satan.
In truth, the do not have to think it up at all. This thinking is ingrained into them as a second nature. That is what indoctrination is all about. Thank you for the oppertunity to address this black and white thinking.


The least they could have done was use Tim Currys "devil" from Legend

Marcus1701 Level 5 Dec 13, 2019

I have to laugh about how many times I see that image used for the devil in xtian memes.


As Satan is a fictional construct from literature - the Christians are a bit off.... I'm presuming Christians as this is a typical foray into the Vatican's twisted mind.
It could just as easily be White Supremacists I suppose.

Let me tell you about the "missions" to save those 'poor black folks in Africa' that they're still running.

I'm great with people who want to bring clean water in - and programs to help women to provide for themselves with their businesses (handmade art etc) and Doctors without Borders - all good stuff... but religion? Ack. (Sorry I'm having a flashback again....). I've been out a lot of years and I still find it truly appalling.

RavenCT Level 9 Dec 13, 2019

Just one more quick comment. Isn't it great that the token black guy has dreds and wants to legalize weed?

Maybe it is just me, but that is some funny shit right there.

Heathenman Level 7 Dec 13, 2019

Why does the white guy look like an akward child molester?


I don't know who came up with the meme. AllI really know is that I want to hang out with Satan's puppets.

Heathenman Level 7 Dec 13, 2019

Definitely the chick and stoner!


Exactly the sort of thing created and posted by Russian trolls. Could be real and from some xtian group, but just as easily could be fake.

piphirho Level 7 Dec 13, 2019

It suggests that these forces are a danger to society. It will take a few decades to be able to determine the pros and cons.

brentan Level 8 Dec 13, 2019
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