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MIA: Missing in Administration.
I have posted this, twice and of course, it slides under the radar, understandably as Admin has left the building for good? I hope it is not a severe health issue for those who started this excellent site, but it is ominous.

I get these online attacks from time to time from the odd member who uses this typo to try and undermine me. It bothers me a little but leaves me helpless to defend myself. The typo Tourirst can't be fixed. Admin has left the building.

So I'm reposting it again in hopes, however slim, they will stop. I know they won't, so this is another futile attempt.

Here is an example of today's lovely comment posted to me. I do have thick skin, but it wastes my time.

All members who are decent and kind, thank you for your understanding. Some can only post comments attacking others, and it is the Go-To when they lack enough grey matter to post something original. 99% of the members are terrific.

Thank you from the Typo Tourirst.

Tourirst 7 Nov 13
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I took the great online advice from members and blocked this person.
Thank you!!!

Tourirst Level 7 Nov 13, 2021

Ignore or block would be my advice…there are plenty polite others on the site who deplore name calling and personal attacks.

I took your advice and blocked it. Thank you. And 100% agree with you. Google has had reviews the public can post; not once have I posted anything but a 5 Star review. As our Mother taught us, if you don't have anything nice to say about somebody, don't say anything at all. I like or pass in general on here but will not stand by if someone attacks me for no reason, like my typo name or the comment I got today. Or a one-liner with no thought but a hackneyed over-used saying on something I posted. I'm touchy about personal attacks, and I admit I will go on the offensive and stand up for myself.


Hope they help you

bobwjr Level 10 Nov 13, 2021

They have left the building. Many members are saying the same thing. Admin does not respond any longer. We're on our own. Thank you!

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