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Cat came through the pet door and started meowing at me , that she had brought me a gift - another lizard . It had all four feet , full head and tail , so I told her what a good girl she was , caught the lizard and took it outside . Figured while I was out , I'd check my mail . While at the mail box someone came out to their car at the house next door , that had just been sold . I started up my sidewalk , but turned to look as the car came past my mail box . She stopped , introduced herself as my new neighbor and we talked for half an hour or more . Very friendly lady ! I have a new friend , YEAH ! ! !

Cast1es 9 Jan 13
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Your action o with cat vs lizard is a good lesson for all. Zoot Suit brought me a flying squirrel last night. Gave it to me as a gift. I praised him profusely & revived the squirrel pressing on its heart rapidly. The squirrel survive. I gave Zoot Suit some cat nip & he passed out in my arms. What a guy. Now I need to find a man like my cat. =0}

Mooolah Level 8 Jan 13, 2021

So--you did TWO ''good deeds!" Not only did you save a life, you also welcomed a new neighbor! Cool! Maybe you could organize a ''welcome'' party for her. Everyone gets to know one another. Introverts can bring food and smile.

LucyLoohoo Level 9 Jan 13, 2021

which will remain unseen under the facemask. I think of this first cuz my health care keeps refusing to fix my front teeth. It looks like someone punched in my mouth. I have to actually hire another dental co. to get them fixed in a YEAR. Sucks so bad, at least I have my face covered with the mask.

@K9Kohle789 Lots of people say the masks cover a ton of defects, wrinkles, etc. Two ways to look at them, I guess!

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