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Hello, Everyone
I'm new to the site.I thought it odd for an introvert to join a web site to meet people, but I was thinking well maybe if they were like minded people they would stand a chance of getting through my issues of not needing to be surrounded by people. So here I am, a really nice, funny guy, with a bit of a shell that has to be broken through before that shines, taking a shot at maybe making some new friends.
Wish me luck, as I do all of you.

4String 4 Apr 13
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Welcome! I hope you find what you're looking for!


I like this way of communicating without the interpersonal relationship issues. I find communicating through my typing an easier way of saying what I want.

grammy Level 4 Apr 15, 2019

Hello 😊

Booklover Level 7 Apr 15, 2019

Hi 4String... nice to meet you!

Thank you, and nice to meet you as well.


Welcome friend!



Unity Level 7 Apr 13, 2019


Kynlei Level 8 Apr 13, 2019


TheDoubter Level 9 Apr 13, 2019

This is the ideal group for introverts - we can have a bit of social interaction when we want it, but we don't have toake the effort to go out and meet each other. Welcome.

CeliaVL Level 7 Apr 13, 2019

You sound just like meπŸ™‚

Haemish1 Level 8 Apr 13, 2019

Welcome. I agree that it sounds odd but it really is nice to see you aren't the only one who feels like you do.

NHjulie Level 8 Apr 13, 2019

It's nice here. Just say something and leave. Like the perfect party


There's a group for introverts. I'm in it. I forgot the name. Introverts or something

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