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Hi I'm new here.
I used to think I was an extrovert but now I realize that either I am an introverted extrovert or possible a slightly extroverted introvert. Anyway I often look at my phone when it is ringing and say "no" and sometimes don't return the call for a week.

AmelieMatisse 8 Aug 8
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Have you considered that you may be an ambivert? I consider myself an ambivert that skews slightly more towards the introvert side.


Hello & welcome. Its introverts so don't expect a lot of chit chatπŸ˜€
BTW, I'm the same way with the phone, not just because of being introverted. You'd have to be crazeee to answer phone from numbers you don't recognize. If it's someone one I want to talk with they'll leave a message.


I am the same with answering the phone and returning calls. And messages....they sit in my msg box for like weeks lol


It's a really interesting dynamic. I go line dancing a lot. Line dancing is great cause you can do it ALONE. I keep my conversations there as pleasant and brief as possible and then escape to the dance floor. The people there think I'm friendly and outgoing, but that's because they can't read my thought bubbles


Hi, IE or EI. I was similarly confused during my teens. A series of experiences during my 20s, 30s and 40s persuaded me the mixup was a result of shyness and high IQ. I made it to 88 and it’s a story too long, detailed and exciting to tell here, but you’ll have to do it your own way and I hope you do.

yvilletom Level 8 Aug 9, 2019

Perhaps you fall more on the ambivert portion of the continuum?

Haemish1 Level 8 Aug 8, 2019

No worries - it’s really more about how you relate with those around you than what a book says.


Welcome honey

bobwjr Level 9 Aug 8, 2019

We've all done that. Welcome to the group. You'll fit right in πŸ™‚

@AmelieMatisse We do! It's an introvert thing πŸ™‚

@AmelieMatisse This is why I can could never be an introvert.


Welcome! You have friends here, if not brothers and sisters. Browse our past posts and creat your own if you wish.

MojoDave Level 9 Aug 8, 2019
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