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Well had to do a 5 minute speech this morning for a communications class. Hated every second of it. What is it with these liberal arts professors and projects about sharing "feelings?"

Valkryie01 4 Sep 18
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I hate professional development sessions where we have to do the whole touchy feely thing at the beginning. Once we had to pick a picture to show how we were feeling. I just walked up to the table and grabbed one. Of course I was asked to explain why I had picked it. I told them I didn't think I just collected something because if I didn't then I would be told to do it. They left me alone after that.

Budgie Level 7 Dec 17, 2019

Sounds like a skewed assignment. What about those who really don't have much in the feelings department. The grade is prejudiced toward extroverts ( wouldn't be the first time).

wolf041 Level 7 Nov 4, 2019

I have to submit a review of the class. I'm going to use that one. Thank you.


It was supposed to be a Symbolic Artifact Speech. We were supposed to discuss how the chosen artifact had an impact on our self-respect/self-esteem. Something I only talk to people with an M.D. after their name. I resent that my grade took a hit not wanted to keep my own secrets private.

Valkryie01 Level 4 Sep 21, 2019

I actually like the idea of speaking about a chosen artifact and how some may or do use it for self respect or self esteem. I wouldn't ask individually, but the idea could prove a good jumping point to how certain items become revered - like religious symbols or cars or trucks or masks. Etc.


Public speaking is one of the reasons I don't have my Bachelor's yet.

galas1 Level 3 Sep 20, 2019

What was the goal/aim of the assignment? Why did the prof. want your to share your feelings? Part of the goal for the prof. might have been to create an assignment that requires introspection, that asks you to look at your own responses to life and (perhaps) identify how your feelings may lead you to good or bad choices. You as the speaker had control of what you wanted to say and how you wanted to say it. The professor is never going to know if you actually HAD the experience (of course, I am guessing here; the assignment may not have had the goal of introspection); s/he just wants to be able to see that you can learn from your experiences, and (perhaps) that you can manage your emotions when you discuss your feelings.

citronella Level 7 Sep 19, 2019

That's why I did my entire degree online. I ain't about that nonsense.

Kynlei Level 8 Sep 19, 2019

Worst assignments are the ones about your own life, or your feelings. I like to make up a character and tell their story and feelings instead.

This is a really helpful strategy!

My English teacher allows that on his assignments that involve being personal. The professor for my speech class backchecks your speech.

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