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Tori Amos GIVE Youtube
DevilMayCare Feb 13 Feb 13 11 comment
Tell me about where I can go to see a real haunted house.
chiara23k Feb 12 Feb 12 22 comments
The Russian/Republikkkcons are all on the same damn evil Trump TREASON Team. And Fox & Fascists SEDITION networks, because They're In On It. MoscowMitch LeningradLyndsey I'd be Radical enough to March on Washington with black, brown, women, men, ...
DevilMayCare Feb 12 Feb 12 11 comment
"HEREDITARY", Toni Collette is Amazing. Wow. It's a slow burn & a 2 hour movie, but it's intensely creepy throughout. A big thumbs up.
DevilMayCare Feb 10 Feb 10 00 comments
"TRILOGY OF TERROR" 1975, KAREN BLACK Full Movie Youtube
DevilMayCare Feb 7 Feb 7 00 comments
"ANTI HUMAN" i thought this was going to be another end of the day for me, some mindless horror flick, with people dying off one by one. but, it's very different. it's like some art house, apocalyptic, wordy, written like a play, mind trip. i like ...
DevilMayCare Jan 10 Jan 10 11 comment
DevilMayCare Dec 25 Dec 25 11 comment
Love & Rockets "So Alive" (Horror Film Compilation) Youtube
DevilMayCare Oct 25 Oct 25 00 comments
wicked, aren't you, wicked.
DevilMayCare Oct 21 Oct 21 11 comment
So when Halloween comes around, remember how many were killed believing in ghosts.... and witches. 😒 [curious.com]
Captain_Feelgood Oct 14 Oct 14 00 comments
My once a week for half a day helper came this morning . Although we did a few of the routine chores , we spent most of the morning , putting up Halloween decorations . Last week . we put up decorations on the side porch , mostly skeltons , pirate ,...
Cast1es Oct 8 Oct 8 11 comment
One of my favorite historical (and mythical) figures: 🍷😎
bigpawbullets Oct 3 Oct 3 11 comment
One of the better Scary Movies I've seen in awhile.
DevilMayCare Oct 3 Oct 3 00 comments
October Stars
DevilMayCare Oct 1 Oct 1 00 comments
"Fred Gwynne on lunch break during the filming of the first season of THE MUNSTERS. He is drinking a Schlitz beer. Us old-timers remember it."
DevilMayCare Aug 26 Aug 26 22 comments
if you're like me, you've seen alot of the sci-fi & horror on cable & netflix. so, this was a nice surprise. it's a low budget, concept over special effects movie, with a witchy turn on twilight, but i give it a "b+". creepy creep.
DevilMayCare Aug 23 Aug 23 22 comments
wicked aren't you, wicked.
DevilMayCare Aug 11 Aug 11 00 comments
A "Black Moon", A New Moon, Endings and New Beginnings.
DevilMayCare Aug 2 Aug 2 11 comment
Rest In Peace - Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner Ending) Youtube
DevilMayCare July 24 Jul 24 11 comment
I Vant You
DevilMayCare June 2 Jun 2 11 comment

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