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Did you feel the earthquake in Plainville this morning? I did. It woke me up. I couldn't figure out why the bed was shaking.
sewchick57 June 22 Jun 22 11 comment
I'm a rural Kansan. I live near Overbrook in a secluded Possum ranch hidden in the woods. I only sneak out in public when I need supplies... ;-)
OldWiseAss Oct 1 Oct 1 22 comments
Hi, I live in Lawrence. It is nice to meet other people that live here.
alanalorie Oct 1 Oct 1 33 comments
I'm FROM Wichita, does that count? I don't claim the south in any reality, and I've lived here 10 years.
onlyduh June 19 Jun 19 33 comments
Can we get chat on this group?
sewchick57 May 27 May 27 00 comments
Hello! I'm new here. Glad to see a few from Kansas.
artnerd May 9 May 9 00 comments
Can a former Kansan join in? I lived in Garden City until I was 13, then as a adult we lived in Wellington for several years. I haven't been back since 94, but a part of my heart will always be there.
JoyJoy May 8 May 8 11 comment
I'm in. Probably not many of us, though.
gryzlybear Apr 30 Apr 30 00 comments
I made a group for Kansans
LadyAlyxandrea Apr 23 Apr 23 33 comments

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