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Who's ready for IOS 14?
twshield June 28 Jun 28 00
I'm looking for a new phone. I want one without curved screen edges and with a headphone jack. My budget is around $500. I currently have a Samsung Note 8 that's dieing.
Theresa_N June 13 Jun 13 11
I Am All In!!
twshield June 13 Jun 13 11
twshield Feb 19 Feb 19 11
twshield Feb 11 Feb 11 00
twshield Feb 8 Feb 8 00
I just got a Note 10+ (Plus) w/ 12GB RAM & 256GB of storage, expandable to 1.25 TB. I still hate Samsung's intrusive bloatware overlay on Android but you can completely disable Bixby on this phone which is an improvement. Samsung automatically ...
shockwaverider Nov 1 Nov 1 11
Looking to replace my Note 8 with the Pixel 4XL or the OnePlus 7T Pro, both of which should be coming out in October of this year. Does anyone have a OnePlus 6/7 or a Pixel3x phone and care to comment especially if you switched from Samsung?...
shockwaverider Sep 9 Sep 9 00
I've been a battery geek since early Elementary School. I like this video that shows test results of nickel metal hydride batteries and alkaline batteries. I did not realize the nickel metal hydrides have a higher amp hour capacity. The problem with ...
Markss76118 Jan 11 Jan 11 00
I LOVE Robot Wars & Battle Bots. This is probably the best compilation I've ever seen. All fighting, very little hype and no back stories or behind the scenes killing time.
Markss76118 Jan 7 Jan 7 00
I got an Amazon Echo as part of a deal with my electricity supplier.It's specific purpose in the deal is to turn my heat on and off electronically. I'm reading up on it and it seems this Alexa woman has a lot of skills she can perform. Can you ...
brentan Nov 24 Nov 24 33
I am debating if i should get the new 12.9 ipad. i have the last model 2nd generation 512 mb
twshield Nov 3 Nov 3 11
I only wanted to ask for some advice, but I have joined in case anyone is willing to help!. I am thinking about buying a new tablet - possibly Kindle Fire 8. All the reviews I have read go on about how good various tablets are for video, gaming, ...
CeliaVL Oct 2 Oct 2 44
I looking to upgrade my Note 8 to a Note 9, possibly a Pixel 3XL, or ??? If someone else was paying, what would you pick and why?
shockwaverider Sep 13 Sep 13 22
Am I the only one not really impressed with the announcement release of Iphone Xs, XsMax, Xr?
WeaZ Sep 12 Sep 12 33
. Check it out if your into retro gaming
Khud35 July 5 Jul 5 00
Hey Guys and Ladies, I have for the most part been an android guy most of my life. I started out with Motorola Razar and later the Droid series. I then switched to HTC Evo. Shortly after this, i discovered my first Samsung Galaxy S with a ...
twshield July 5 Jul 5 11
Beyond Smart Phones....
twshield June 2 Jun 2 11
I am confused! i have heard the fingerprint scanner will not be in the front screen and i have also heard it will be!
twshield May 12 May 12 11
Flexible TV?
SteveB Mar 21 Mar 21 22
Foldable phone concepts. What do you guys think? I like these concepts. We will see if either one of these makes it to production.
SteveB Mar 21 Mar 21 22
Vivo Apex concept phone. It has a 98% screen to bezel ratio. The entire bottom half of the screen is the fingerprint sensor, and a pop up camera for selfies. The screen itself is the speaker. This may be a sneak peak at the future.
SteveB Feb 26 Feb 26 11
What do you guys Think about The S9?
twshield Feb 25 Feb 25 11
Found this video interesting
twshield Feb 25 Feb 25 00
not sure if you guys are familar with hp products but I just baught this laptop and I am in love with it!
twshield Feb 24 Feb 24 11

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