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The cover photo for this group reminds me of one of the funnest things we did with our son (who just graduated as Valediction from his HS this weekend FYI) when he was a boy. We loved finding praying mantises in our yard and one time we created a ... Shared by LeighShelton
MrLink May 27 May 27 00 Shared by LeighShelton
Go figure a poisonous plant, be careful around this one especially with curious pets. The fragrance is intoxicating to humans if one like a jasmine-like scent. It is a night and early AM bloomer. Took these with an inexpensive camera digital... Shared by LetzGetReal
LetzGetReal Apr 17 Apr 17 33 Shared by LetzGetReal
A new rule when visiting the beach.. If everyone did this could be good.. Shared by LeighShelton, from General & Hellos
Nickbeee Apr 10 Apr 10 2727 Shared by LeighShelton, from General & Hellos

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