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The Centre of the Universe!

scurry 8 Sep 24
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The circular wall bounces the sound back.

"Nobody knows why" - smh

our education system is SO broken.

Truth... But of course they do know. It's in the video posted in the comments, and it's still pretty cool. The video/news clip does a good job of showing it in action. 🙂


for more info:

scurry Level 8 Sep 24, 2020

I wondered what had happened to the video

@glennlab Sorry. Lol. I was hoping the link would remain a link in the post; in that the Meme is the post and the video (link) was just a follow up...
The link morphed into the video and showed up pre-meme, which kinda defeated the purpose of the Meme...
Anyhoo, Sorry for the confusion.