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Overcome, and adapt!

Captnron59 9 Oct 25
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Something to look forward to?

Umbral Level 8 Oct 26, 2018

Do...your...balls hang low, can you tie 'em in a bow?

phxbillcee Level 9 Oct 25, 2018

He got tired of the carpet burn

Livinlife Level 9 Oct 25, 2018

I often said that newton might have explained gravity, but women knew about it centuries earlier, now it looks like some men too.

glennlab Level 9 Oct 25, 2018

Nice to see that the other half has gravitational problems, LOL.

Krysia22 Level 7 Oct 25, 2018

I need to send that to my parents! 😀

Zoohome Level 7 Oct 25, 2018
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