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Only one left.

Tomfoolery33 9 Apr 4
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Do you Give them, or do you have to keep them. I don't usually.

jdubose Level 6 Apr 4, 2020

Up to you! Lol.


Where can these be bought?

No idea.

@Tomfoolery33 Found it, they are too expensive lol

@Secular_Squirrel 6 bucks isn't too bad.

@Secular_Squirrel holy crap! This site is hillarious!

@Tomfoolery33 It is if you only get $65 a month after all bills are handled.....

Thankfully bidets exist, as well as other strategic tools for cutting down the cost of things!

Funny thing, I have not used toilet paper in months, Bidets are fucking awesome not to mention affordable and hygienic!

As for food budgeting, ice cream makers, silpat baking sheets and food processors are a fucking life saver!