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I'm admitting I don't have a high IQ but i would like to learn from those who do. I also love intelligent conversations with people who are smarter than me... At the moment.

MrChange 7 July 30
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I'm here to learn as well. One point though, I'm here to acquire knowledge.. To me, I. Q. cannot be increased, only knowledge can.



Mensa was created in England , at first , they thought there would be little discussion , as they figured everyone being intelligent , they'd always agree on everything , which it turns out , isn't true . What they did find , that we tend to have in common , is that we all tend to be voracious readers . We do learn by reading . We also learn by listening to other intelligent people , and by asking questions .

Cast1es Level 8 Oct 20, 2018

Although I can hold hold my own, I do favor being around people that are smarter than me.
I love nothing more than to learn something new.


I actually think going into other groups and seeking out the good comments, is a good way to observe high IQ in action. I find a lot of extremely intelligent people here, which makes some sense, as we are the ones who think for ourselves (and believe in science). I have noticed a high proportion of university professors are atheist. Certainly philosophers!


@MrChange -- Please, explain what it is you think IQ means. Your ideas about it would help me understand and respond appropriately. Let's talk a bit.

Hi. I'm not really sure I understand your question. I think you are asking my opinion. In my opinion, I believe it's where intelligence is graded on how well you use your knowledge. I separate that from wisdom in which you are making smart decisions get the maximum outcome of happiness in ones life. I can't remember the last time I took an IQ score but I know it wasn't great. I've been told I have a lot of wisdom. This helps you make great decisions in life. However, gaining more intelligence will hopefully provide a better job which in turn will provide a better life financially.

@MrChange -- Sorry it took so long to get back to you on this, but ... well ... life. Anyway, now I understand much better what you have said.

It has been shown through experiment that IQ can be increased through mental challenge and exercise. Surrounding yourself with people who are 'smarter' than yourself is a positive move toward improving your mental acuity. It must be understood though that IQ is more a measure of the ability to solve problems, recognize patterns, and employ logic at the native (basic) level and has nothing at all to do with how personable or knowledgeable an individual is. Some high IQ folks can manage to be all of those things that make a pleasant to be around person and some have none of them---a root canal would be more desirable than their company.


It is not how smart one is, it is what you do with it.


Love your username

towkneed Level 7 July 30, 2018



good luck and enjoy

weeman Level 7 July 30, 2018
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