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Is this a mensa only group?
how high does your IQ have to be?
Is it okay to be learning disabled AND smart here?

Thank you....

MissaDixon 7 June 1
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Do not believe I have ever had my IQ tested.


We all have strengths and weaknesses . Sometimes , what is actually a strength , will be turned into an insult , by those who don't have those same strengths , as a means of trying , to make themselves feel they are as good as the person they are trying to cut down to their own size . If they truly felt they were equal , they wouldn't have to cut others down to their size . Being here is not about being a snob , or being better than . Being here , is feeling comfortable with those who have like or similar strengths . Just because you may be disabled , does not mean you aren't intelligent . Think of Stephen Hawking , for instance . While he wouldn't have been running in a marathon , it's also unlikely that the marathon runners , would have been competing with him in the scientific community . Be glad of who you are . Be pleased with what you accomplish . Enjoy doing the things you can do . Strive to improve whatever skills you have . Enjoy being with friends of a like mind . You have value . Intelligence will advance science . Intelligence will improve the world for everyone .

Cast1es Level 8 July 1, 2018

Mensa is not the only high IQ group , so this is not limited to that . I've found that having a high IQ , in a , "normal," level world , can leave you feeling out of place . Think jocks vs. nerds . Not fitting in with your classmates , when you were in school , being accused of being a snob , when you aren't , but others feel lacking when you're around so their defensive mechanism kicks in , and they accuse you of it . It's just a place for you to feel comfortable with others at your own level . Are you thinking of an ," idiot-savant ," as in , someone who may be lacking in normal social skills , but can do amazing mental processes in one or two specific areas , such as being able to instantly tell you which day of the week any date you mention falls on ?

Cast1es Level 8 June 1, 2018

What is 'learning disabled'?

I'm non-neurotypical in many ways... written language (other than math for some reason) I have trouble with

@MissaDixon -- Fine, but I wouldn't say disabled. You just have to come at things differently than others. We all have our stumbling blocks and hurdles. Intelligence allows us to find ways around, under, or through them, and if it turns out that there is no reasonable way to do that, we go do something else.

@evidentialist LD is a legal term used in making IEP's for students. I have no issues with it for the simple reasons that A) it true and B) I really don't do written language well. I also don't bake well...but my skill trees are nicely filled out.

@MissaDixon -- Understood, but I have always had a problem with the notion of disability, legal or not, true or not. Perhaps it is the negative connotation it carries in many circles that bothers me. Perhaps I have a hard time applying that word in regards to students I know and have grown attached to. Yes, it's on all the forms and descriptive texts and written reports, but that does not mean I have to embrace it.

@evidentialist Then kindly I say to you, that your problem and NOT mine. Please remember that when addressing those with disabilities. It makes you an ablest which is the same as racist. Just because people with disables are not in the news as much as POC doesn't mean we need to hear shit about how YOU think we should be more like you... an able body human. Thank you for correcting yourself.

@MissaDixon But what you've typed here , is perfect , I can see nothing to complain about . I am concerned though that you seem to feel insulted by @evidentialist , whom I don't think was attempting in any way to insult you .

@Cast1es did you just tell me how to feel about being insulted for being neurodivergent?

@MissaDixon No , Hon I did not tell you how to feel about being insulted . I'm telling you , you may have taken being insulted , when you weren't . Sometimes people are so busy being sorry for themselves , that they chose to misconstrew what others say , in order to make the situation fit , what they have predetermined , to be the situation .

@Cast1es -- Some are insulted by a casual "Good morning," because they can't see anything good about it. I've learned that when faced with a drama angel, the best thing to do is remove myself from the situation because they need it and I don't.

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