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Hopefully, this will start showing up on lots of Democrat's computers:

By bigpawbullets8
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History will show just what a petty asshole the person was who did this. Likewise for the person who created the meme.

mcgeo52 Level 8 Aug 25, 2018

I do wonder what will be written about all of this in say, 100 years. You're a bit younger than me. But I think we've both seen things in, maybe our early adult years, that are just now becoming distanced enough to be looked at with cooler heads. I still get wound up by Vietnam. And that's almost a half century in the past.


And libtards are pissed because he will lose high paying jobs because of this.. lmao... ?

No. We are upset because a petty little tin-pot wannabe dictator has politicized this just because he was personally insulted when Brennan pointed out that Donnie is a traitor.

Why do trumptards keep supporting an unindicted co-conspirator and traitor? How many gallons of Kool-Aide do you drink each day?

@mcgeo52 Bwaaaahahahaha... oh, wait... who politicized it?? Oh yeah,,, lame stream media hasn't said a word about this, have they.. And guess what.. he's ''unindicted'' because there's nothing to indite him on.. And l can't ever get any Kool Aide, because you drank it all.. pfffft... Here's a dime Douche Biggelo... buy a clue.