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This is just for you! It is an experimental layout and sequences of scientific method. Plenty such exist elsewhere but this is my effort. People are meant to say how much they understand the words FIRST and suggest better ones. It has been posted on this Science teachers group previously without much response. Still needs a lot of work

What is your reaction?

Mcflewster 8 Dec 15
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#1. As I told my students for 45 years, being scientific, or performing a scientific experiment makes you a "scientist"'s not necessarily a paid position

#2.Scientific thinking is what separates the religious from the unreligious or non-religious. To be considered atheistic or agnostic - it almost demands, and certainly goes hand-in-hand with being scientific.

Robecology Level 9 Dec 15, 2020

I believe that Mass re-education for adults and better science education in schools is the way forward to solve many of the world's problems including religion. Please show my 'This/What is science' card to as many educators as you can. The theory is that once anyone has understood the words in this cycle by verifying their own experiences of all the words { at least if they are over say7yrs) then they can try their own learning through science and "Take off in Freethought" Of course one must DO things within science for your OWN benefit before you really appreciate it and not just "Thought Experiments" although these help with the real one. Your Thoughts?

@Mcflewster Sorry; can't help you... Remember; I'm out of the loop...I retired in 2012....taught a few years in a "Charter school"...then a couple years substitute teaching...before I realized I didn't need to work at all.

@Robecology This is not about work or YOU it is about saving the world! ( from your armchair). Please just say what any of these words means to you. I know that you feel it should be done in a big money survey but so do I . Trouble is, in order to convince academics. I need, as you would, evidence that this can be tackeled on a small scale first and with EVERY type of person attempting it . The real research will be much better based on preliminary trials

@Mcflewster I love your enthusiasm...but I guess you could say I've become staid and complacent....I see the levels of pollution rising. I see the population growing. I see America getting stupider and more religious. I get depressed trying to find words or ways to express my anger and frustration...I'm even blocked from Facebook for a few days for a contentious post I made. Sorry, a demographer, I don't see a good future for Homo sapiens.

Not a bad thing...I just see us becoming extinct soon. NBD...the earth will breathe a sigh of relief. The evolutionary clock will reset back a few million - to tens of millions of years back..and will re-start finding a "civilized being"/

@Robecology" I don't see a good future for Homo sapiens" this is SAD. If you think that religion cannot be wiped out slowly and definitely [eventually] , please keep faith in Humanity and join us sloggers again!. Science can do so much to clear bad thinking and FALSE news.

@Robecology I actually agree with you about the extinction but not for a VERY very long time and NOT without many years of warning thanks to Science . Have Faith ( it does exist but is useless in old writings, myths and tales .


Please Comment on the suitability for YOU of all or any of the words words[]

Mcflewster Level 8 Dec 15, 2020

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