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Is this true? Were you experimentally dangerous when young?

Were you experimentally dangerous when young, in a way that your are not NOW?

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Mcflewster 8 July 20
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I have always been fascinated by how things work and approached things scientifically, my experiments tend to be less dangerous but only because I now have more knowledge than I did as a child. We used to make black powder bombs with homemade black powder, first with lit fuses and later with electric detonators but later in life when I required explosives on a heavy construction job I would bring in professional powder monkeys to do the job with blast mats. Just as an example.
It's not dangerous if you know what you are doing.

SnowyOwl Level 8 Jan 28, 2022

At age 8 or 9 I tried to repair a bed warmer which was basically a light bulb in a metal case. For a second or two I held a live hand conductor but somehow manged to shake off the 240 volts. At age about 50 during a medical checkup with a BCG,they discovered a diagnosis of LEFT Bundle Branch Block, a heart condition in which electricity finds its way to the muscle by its own rout and not the usual rout . It has no effect on my life except [as it mimics the results of a heart attack] I have to warn the medical staff that I have the condition which they would assume I did have a previous heart attack

Mcflewster Level 8 July 21, 2021

I accidentally started a gasoline fire when I was 14 that blistered 25% of my skin off from second degree burns.
I've been smoking ever since.
I smoke Cools though to keep the temperature down.


Everyone is. I think it's a well known thing, no?


At age 15, I sneaked outside at midnight and skated alone on thin ice. Skating in the glittering path of the full moon, I felt exhilarated by speed, danger and exquisite beauty. “Craack!” the ice shrieked beneath my feet. Long cracks fanned across the ice. Nobody knew where I was. “I’m lightweight,” I thought and skated faster.

It occurred to me that if I fell in, my dead body would wash up in the Spring, maybe never. Quickly I skated to the shore and made my way around the lake to home. Never told a soul until age 35. “Don’t tell me that NOW!” my mother gasped, horrified.

It really gets one's attention when you are on the ice and it starts to crack, or when you are on what you think is an iceberg in the middle of a river and fall in when it is twenty below. My home was a short distance away and my clothes froze with the hair on my body frozen into the fabric and ice.

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