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We all have dreams....

IamNobody 8 Dec 23
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Infinity defines, imo, what we term as spiritual. Scientifically non physical, the opposite of physical or material. Matter.
Infinity can't be measured or bound by rules and laws, unlike our physical world defined by science.
Our creative imagination is infinite, no rules as you merely imagine a way around them. Creativity is whats "spiritual" about us, outside of science eg can't be measured or defined.
We are so spiritual aka creative, we create creator gods to submit ourselves to and worship. Gotta love irony.
Spiritual aka non physical doctrine (rules and laws) is an oxymoron.
Dream on!

powder Level 8 Dec 23, 2019

I've just took it as dream big, simple as that...... Anyway, thanks for your comment. Gotta say though, whenever I read the word spiritual then my brain automatically skips that part of the conversation.

@IamNobody know what you mean. Think non physical; same shit different wrapper.
Religions think they have an authoritive voice regarding spiritual. So by terming it non physical, that takes it away from them and moves it towards science........what I'm trying to do. Give an alternative to religious proclomations.

@powder Understood. Don't care at all for any religious and/or spiritual implication though.