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This is a group where you can post photos of the hand-made sewing gifts you have made for family and friends. Do not post photos of anything you have not made yourself. Please post only about your projects, no other topics.

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During cold and flu season, I make a ton of these tissue holders to hand out randomly to people I see in my life. These were made for the servers at one of my favorite restaurants that has a mermaid theme inside! I also made some for the baristas ...
thinktwice Dec 27 Dec 27 11 comment
Has anyone been sewing? I haven’t had the cover off any of my machines in months.
MissKathleen Aug 27 Aug 27 22 comments
A friend of mine bought her first new house a few years ago and so for her house warming gift I made her a bedroom set. She picked out the material and I did the sewing. I made a quilt, pillow shams, pillows for the bed and the window seat, window ...
mzbehavin Apr 22 Apr 22 11 comment
I made this for a friend a few years ago. One of my favorites that I made. She likes very muted colors. Standard sized. I lost all my pics last year when my computer crashed so I had to beg all my friends to take pics and send them back to me. lol...
mzbehavin Apr 13 Apr 13 11 comment
This is the first quilt I ever made, about 10 yrs ago. Twin size. I got hooked on doing them and then made a quilt for my family and friends. I did a quilt a month for a year.
mzbehavin Apr 10 Apr 10 11 comment
Hello everyone! I've been sewing since childhood and have done clothing, costuming, hat making, quilting, sew crafts (I love to do pillows) and even a cat tent for a friend.
mzbehavin Apr 8 Apr 8 22 comments
Hello to Corsair, our latest member. What has everyone been sewing? My camera & my computer have decided they don't like each other right now, so I can't post any pictures!
Carin Mar 3 Mar 3 00 comments
Welcome to our new member, Thinktwice!
Carin Feb 28 Feb 28 11 comment
Hi Guys. I just joined your group. I’ve sewn my entire life. I went to college for Fashion/Costume Design. I’ve done theatrical design, owned my own tailor shop, done marine upholstery and now head a small RV upholstery shop. I also spent 15...
EyesThatSmile Dec 12 Dec 12 22 comments
What sorts of gifts are all of you sewing this year? My challenge is a complete lack of to fabrics & other supplies. Looking at what I had, I decided to use some of my nicest flannel to make microwave heating pads for a few friends. The rice to ...
Carin Dec 9 Dec 9 11 comment
Welcome to our new member, Dominic Short! What do you sew, Dominic?
Carin Dec 9 Dec 9 11 comment
Me again. I just finished this dress that I’m hoping to wear to a holiday party this winter. It feels so good against my skin. It cost me $15 CAD in fabric and took just a few hours.
Kikipotamus Nov 5 Nov 5 22 comments
Hi. My name is Kelly and I mostly sew dresses for myself, though I’ve also made things for friends. I especially like retro clothes. Here’s a dress I made recently.
Kikipotamus Nov 4 Nov 4 44 comments I just noticed I am the "host" of this group. I have no idea how it happened or why I did not get some kind of notification... I'm barely computer literate so if someone knows what I should be doing, please send help! Here are some ...
Carin Nov 2 Nov 2 00 comments
Hi everyone! I wanted to share this picture of some packages I just mailed to Malawi & Kenya. They have dolls, toys & washable flannel pads that I sewed, & store bought underwear so the girls can wear the pads, plus something new: There is ...
Carin Nov 2 Nov 2 22 comments
What have you been sewing this week?
MissKathleen Sep 27 Sep 27 22 comments
Youtube Today is Kathleens Birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Kathleen!!!! You are a great friend.
kenriley Aug 31 Aug 31 44 comments
Who is in process of sewing Christmas gifts? What are you making?
MissKathleen Aug 30 Aug 30 33 comments
Why does it say the group is about sewing? I wanted to talk about sewing & can't find a single sewing related post.
Carin Aug 30 Aug 30 55 comments
OK, so I have a question. How would you handle the situation? You have a co-worker who you find quite attractive but is way younger than you. She might be giving signals but your not sure, she just might be being friendly. What do you do?
Captain747ex Aug 24 Aug 24 66 comments
Let's find some nature trails and go for a walk and get lost in nature, not literally, and talk about whatever comes to mind.
Captain747ex Aug 24 Aug 24 22 comments
Just bein honest! Lol ??
Coldo Aug 24 Aug 24 55 comments
Today is hump day! Would you like one hump or two?
LouisD61 Aug 22 Aug 22 22 comments
I am a flirt and when I drink, which isn't very often anymore, I get even more so. My younger daughter chided me because I was flirting with a very young waiter at a restaurant we were dining at. He didn't seem to mind. This might not relate to ...
Alvinsmama Aug 22 Aug 22 66 comments
I am a people pleaser. I really like to see happiness dawn in someone's eyes because of something I have done. Comment below something about yourself, a place you'd like to visit, a thing you'd enjoy doing, or really just anything about yourself and ...
Nukdookum Aug 22 Aug 22 55 comments

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