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When I first came out as an atheist earlier this year, The Atheist Experience YouTube show was extremely helpful in my new journey. I still enjoy it and learn from them.

Friendlyatheist 4 Oct 4
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Been listening to them for years. They are very good and I have "borrowed" a few of their arguments against superstition. (yes, I give them credit when "borrowing" It is interesting how things have changed over the years.


That is a great show.


Here is the link.

My favorites are

Godless Engineer




These folks inspired my favorite YouTube channel

I am very familiar with all of the above except for Bionicdance, I will have to check it out.

@Happyheretic Bionic Dance is the one who inspired me the most to start my own channel. I did borrow certain elements from her though my skill level certainly lacks and my content is very different. I just wore her t-shirt in one of my recent videos! P.S. I appreciate any comments made about my videos as they help me to improve!

I have not come across your YouTube channel but I will fix that very soon.

@Happyheretic It is not like most atheist channels. I try to empathize and relate to theist and simplyexpress why I could not longer believe in god. I hope the questions I asked. I hope to inspire people to evaluate what is real and not real. What theydo with that is their choice. I do not attempt to MAKE anyone an atheist only to inspire reason.


I am learning here... I was not aware that so many people have to make a tremendous effort and go through a lot of pain to extract themselves from the religious muck. Enjoy the exploration of a new world without gods, devils, angels or other mythical creatures.


I hope this site can be of help as well. Welcome!

the link did not post

@DavidLaDeau I didn't post a link! I meant that I hoped OUR site. Agnostic.com, could be of help.

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