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Being Yang Gang Forever means you support the ideas behind the 2020 presidential run of Andrew Yang such as Universal Basic Income, Democracy Dollars, and Ranked Choice Voting. It also means you value ideas over ideology, and rational discussion over partisan taglines. It means you're open minded, and humble enough to consider other people's ideas, and you believe people have value because they're human, not because they contribute to GDP

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Great talk in Today's episode of Yang Speaks with Jaron Lanier. Jaron talks about the idea of unions in which people can collectively bargain for their data's value. One of my favorite parts was when Jaron said he plays sometimes in Stephen Colbert's...
MeggieCleary May 28 May 28 00
Great episode of Yang Speaks about how technology is affecting our mental health. I think I'm going to change my behavior in the hour before bedtime because of this episode. Let me know your thoughts.
MeggieCleary May 26 May 26 00
I absolutely loved Thursday's episode of Yang Speaks. Jack's insights about the danger of giving up agency to tech were fascinating. Also, I'm really glad that Yang is apparently now adding video to his podcasts. Let me know your thoughts!...
MeggieCleary May 24 May 24 00
Today's episode of Yang Speaks with Van Jones was good stuff. Van Jones had an interesting perspective on Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign to add to Yang's ideas about "dumb smart people." I had no idea Van Jones worked for Prince! Let me know ...
MeggieCleary May 18 May 18 00
Big, exciting news! Yang said yesterday that he's "operating" as if he's going to run again in 2024, and a Democratic victory this year would not preclude that. It'll be interesting to see what happens. I think a third party run in 2024 might happen....
MeggieCleary May 16 May 16 11
I thought the Yang Speaks bonus episode today with Ian Bremmer was excellent. Short and sweet. I actually disagree with Bremmer that Trump was wrong to support Brexit. But Bremmer always offers an interesting perspective. It's interesting how the...
MeggieCleary May 14 May 14 00
I loved the way Yang handled these questions from Anderson Cooper about the Trump/reporter debacle. What are your thoughts?
MeggieCleary May 13 May 13 00
What did everybody think of today's Yang Speaks episode with my man, Sam Harris? I thought it was excellent, as expected. What really struck me in this episode is how compassionate these two men are, in addition to being brilliant. I don't ...
MeggieCleary May 11 May 11 00
Somebody on this site just started a discussion about UBI and almost everybody who responded is in favor of it. It's so exciting how much Yang has moved the needle on this issue!
MeggieCleary May 8 May 8 00
What did everyone think about the episode of Yang Speaks that came out today? I loved it! It's always interesting to hear Ken Jeong talk about coronavirus because of his medical background. And it was so nice to hear some positive news about the ...
MeggieCleary May 4 May 4 00
I loved the first episode of Yang Speaks! My favorite part was when Zach said he already has a stylist picked out for Yang's next run. I love it when Yang and his cohorts tease a 2024 run! Scott Santens tweeted today that he know who the next ...
MeggieCleary Apr 27 Apr 27 00
I’m so excited for the first episode of Yang Speaks today! I probably won’t get to listen/watch until tonight because of work, but if anyone listens and has thoughts on it, please discuss here.
MeggieCleary Apr 27 Apr 27 00
Ilhan Omar tweeted today that it's time for UBI. I think it's going to happen sometime soon!
MeggieCleary Apr 26 Apr 26 22
I'm still gonna vote for Yang in my states primary, because I would have preferred any almost candidate to Biden
DPB13 Apr 26 Apr 26 11
I'm honestly pretty apolitical, minus during Yang's campaign. I hope this group grows to include people who aren't necessarily obsessed with politics. :P
ZackDarpinian Apr 25 Apr 25 11
I saw a little bit of Yang's Rogan interview, and some debate clips. He seems like one of the few that ran that wasn't trying to look smart. When will politicians realize that we know they'd be doing something else if they could? News readers as ...
burnhippiesfor Apr 25 Apr 25 11
My atheism is what brought me to Yang. An atheist YouTuber posted a video in early June saying that Yang had said nice things about atheists. I had never heard of Yang, but I decided to immediately check him out because atheists usually get, at best,...
MeggieCleary Apr 25 Apr 25 33
Which party is he ruining with?
TCorCM Apr 25 Apr 25 11
Hey, Yangsters! Welcome to the new group! I'm so excited about this group. YangGangLove!
MeggieCleary Apr 25 Apr 25 00