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Seems a similar experience to those who just got released from prison, or escaped an authoritarian regime. Where you question normal human interaction as threating the "public good", as being against the interests of the state. I found the article quite sad.

powder 8 Nov 30
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And all the more ironic given ire heaped on Victorians by black pot calling NSW stupids.


What has happened to the old Aussie ethos of Mateship and standing together through adversity, the All for one and One for All ideology that grew from when we told Mother (???) England " No more ships loaded down with Convicts."
It seems to me that it has morphed/mutated into " All for me and bugger all for everyone else" these days.
FFS, our ANZAC Diggers and our predecessors would be turning in their graves right here and now, would they not?

Triphid Level 9 Nov 30, 2020

Don't think they would be overly impressed with how authoritarian government has become.

@powder I tend to think that they'd at least 100% pissed off at how the whole country and its people are these days, let alone the Governments, etc, etc.
THEY put their lives on the line for us and what have done in return for them that TRULY matters, imo, Sweet Fuck ALL.

@Triphid yep, we have failed to protect our own way of life. If you could time travel someone from the 70's to now, they would be aghast.

@powder Try from as far back as the late 1914-1920's and then on to the post-WWII era as well.
I HAD, and HAD being, sadly, the operative word here, 1 Uncle, Dave, who served both at Tobruk and then in Europe, then there was also my maternal Uncle, Arthur, who served in the Pacific Theatre in WWII.
Uncle Art spent time in a Japanese P.O.W. camp UNTIL there was a mass up-rising and escape then he went on to fight in New Guinea and all through the islands as well.
I'll refrain from giving an in-depth description of what our boys thought of the American G.I's. but suffice it to say that the G.I. stood for 'Grand Idiots' in the minds of Aussie soldiers and they also had a saying that, " Send in 10 Yanks and you MIGHT be lucky to get 1 Yank back alive and 1 dead Jap, send in 10 Aussies and you'll get 10 Aussies back and NO living Japs."
Btw, Uncle Dave and his fellow Rats of Tobruk all had a similar saying and respect for their English Leaders as well.

@Triphid I actually thought "What would the digger's think?" when Victorian police dragged the woman and her kids off the beach for being more than the permitted distance from her home. Why couldn't an on the spot fine be issued? Why did they have to do that? Same as raiding the woman's home for posting on fb. Mandatory "vaccinations".
They would be thinking "We were fighting regimes who did shit like this."

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