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Today, members,friends, ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls and everyone else as well, we welcome to our Group @SohnJose from India and @Pogi7272 from the U.S.
So let us raise a glass of welcome to our new friends and members, SohnJose and Pogi7272, show them so good old Aussie friendship whilst we inform them nicely that Open Season of All Things worthy of Ridicule, Derision, Irreverence, Blasphemy and plain out shit-stirring begins at 00.00, 01 hours EVERY January the 1st each year and ends at 23.59.59 hours every December the 31st. each year.
The main rule here is, " No Feeding of Trolls is permitted during the above mentioned time periods, though 'Ripping them a new one' IS permitted and encourage at EVERY opportunity."
So, friends enjoy yourselves, enjoy our company and group, stick with us for as long as you like.

Triphid 8 Jan 13
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