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Well, tomorrow is World Cancer Day, so anything you can post to social media to convince someone to keep up with their health checkups is in order! My mother commented a few days ago that I’m “cancer free,” and I had to correct her (unfortunately) to say that no, I’m not, I’m in remission/NED, which is why I have to get scanned annually for the rest of my life... Just because my kidney cancer was removed surgically and I didn’t need chemo or radiation doesn’t mean I am safe from recurrence! Ironically, having had cancer gives me the benefit of forever being on the lookout for new cancers (although I’m switching from MRIs to X-rays and ultrasounds, not sure about their effectiveness), so yay for ongoing scanxiety I guess!

Jenelle 6 Feb 3
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I see the label of world cancer day as to mean the world has cancer. A lot of cancers in humans are due to the cancers in the planet so this should be a wake-up to take action to repair a cancerous Earth.


5 years in remission after chemo, radiation and bone marrow transplant from acute myloid leukemia. Yes we have side effects and are concerned about new cancers. Welcome to our group.


I'm in remission 1 1/2 years from Hodgkin's Lymphoma but I still have to get CAT scans twice a year (which may go down to one a year). People don't get it, that even with the "good cancer" it can still come back and some have died from it.

bleurowz Level 8 Feb 3, 2019

I hear you on the scanxiety. I had a total of 96,000 mgs of chemo up until May of last year and 13 inches of my colon removed. I'll always have that little cloud over my head every time I go for the blood markers, scans, and xrays.

LouisD61 Level 7 Feb 3, 2019
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