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Hi all. I've changed the name of this group because it needs to reflect those diagnosed with cancer/friends and family of those cancer victims, and cancer and friends of survivors. Cancer is a family affair. Please feel free to vent, share stories, and post articles on new medical procedures and treatments.

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6 yr. old boy's entire school applauds him upon returning to school after beating cancer. Awesome!!!!!
sassygirl3869 May 15 May 15 11
No one can really appreciate the horrors of cancer treatment unless they've been through it and that includes some cancer patients who were lucky enough to get off pretty easy. I was recently talking with someone who also had cancer. We were ...
TheoryNumber3 Feb 20 Feb 20 55
Lung Cancer and COPD Links.
sassygirl3869 Feb 16 Feb 16 00
I had my followup this morning. They think they got it all. My next appointment is in June.
glennlab Feb 6 Feb 6 55
I had my surgery last Wednesday, it seems like it was weeks ago. Initially what i thought would be just a minor cut turned out to be a four + inch long ragged incision stretching from my collarbone to just below my ear. I wasn't expecting the ...
glennlab Feb 2 Feb 2 66
Saw my Oncologist this mornning and reviewed my labs. Although I am not cured of Cancer, I am in Remission. PRAISE BE TO GOOD MEDICINE.
alon Jan 14 Jan 14 44
Trump is fact checked on his claim that he alone is responsible for a reduction in cancer deaths. Sick man huh??
sassygirl3869 Jan 14 Jan 14 44
Cancer death rates continue to go down with some certain cancers. Good News!!!!!!!
sassygirl3869 Jan 8 Jan 8 00
In the spirit of the holiday season.....
TheoryNumber3 Dec 23 Dec 23 00
I'm done with chemo. On to radiation. Can't wait to get over these side effects. How long does it take?
confidentrealm Dec 20 Dec 20 22
You can't scare me!
TheoryNumber3 Dec 8 Dec 8 44
Breast cancer survivor says fitness was the key to her recovery.
sassygirl3869 Dec 8 Dec 8 22
They appear to be finding a link between vitamin D levels and breast cancer risk .
TheoryNumber3 Dec 6 Dec 6 11
Lifestyle study links permanent hair dye to increased risk of breast cancer particularly among black women.
sassygirl3869 Dec 6 Dec 6 00
Good Morning Cancer Survivors! This cancer survivor shoveled out her car after a 2 foot snowstorm, carried her groceries from the parking lot to her apartment - several trips by her lonesome, and put up a shower curtain for the very first time. A ...
sassygirl3869 Dec 4 Dec 4 22
Red devil chemotherapy. I keep asking myself why I'm I doing this. Isn't there a better way to get rid of cancer than to destroy the rest of the body? I have been in the hospital for three days. I just got home. I haven't been out of bed since ...
confidentrealm Nov 25 Nov 25 22
II was diagnosed in 2007 with a rare form of Lymphoma called Waldenstrom"s which I still have and receive treatment for. I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Peripheral Neuropathy. I am 85 years old living alone in a first class Assisted Living ...
alon Nov 24 Nov 24 66
Friends don't let friends fight cancer alone!
sassygirl3869 Nov 3 Nov 3 00
Hey cancer-you picked the wrong family to fuck with!
sassygirl3869 Nov 3 Nov 3 00
I had cancer. Cancer never had me.
sassygirl3869 Nov 3 Nov 3 00
Cancer changes people.
sassygirl3869 Nov 3 Nov 3 11
November is pancreatic cancer awareness month.
sassygirl3869 Nov 3 Nov 3 00
A woman learns she has cancer from a photo from a tourist attraction.
sassygirl3869 Oct 23 Oct 23 22
Hi Cancer Survivors! Well after 6 years of remission from Acute Myloid Leukemia I am going back to work. My disability ended and I can't afford my own apartment on just Social Security so I made the decision to re-enter the workforce. I was hired as...
sassygirl3869 Oct 20 Oct 20 22
GOOD NEWS!!!!!! My 6 year Leukemia Checkup was Excellent! Healthy as a Horse!!!!!! Just wanted to share my remission!!!!!!!!
sassygirl3869 Oct 10 Oct 10 33

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