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7x10 Mixed media, Point Pinos Lighthouse
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I was raised Catholic. We went to mass every Sunday and I was sent to catechism every Saturday morning. I remember one sermon when we were at mass in particular. It was about the evils of rock and roll music. At first I bought into what the priest had said but then one day I heard "Green Onions" playing on the radio. I loved it and I could not figure out how it could be evil.

Another thing that we were taught at catechism was that sex was evil. They used the term "Ways of the flesh." and told us that was the work of the devil.

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I’m nervous to post because I don’t know if this qualifies as crafting but I like to turn ...
19dacar52 comments on Jul 26, 2018:
This is really cool! Thank you for sharing.
Broken foot bone. Can't hike. How to cope?
19dacar52 comments on Jul 25, 2018:
Sorry to hear about your injury. I hope that you get well soon.
Stunnilingus; Oral so good it knocks you off your ass. Stunning + cunniligus :P
19dacar52 comments on Jul 23, 2018:
I love performing cunniligus... now I have a goal!
Where do Conservatives go fact check, since they say all the fact check websites are owned,or run ...
19dacar52 comments on Jul 22, 2018:
Well, if you remember there are facts then there are alternate facts! They believe the alternate facts.
I'm going out to a club tonight, I love club nights! I'm already dressed and ready to go but I need...
19dacar52 comments on Jul 21, 2018:
If it were me, I would want you. I love bacon but I love women more.
What did you do wrong?
19dacar52 comments on Jul 21, 2018:
That still happens on occasion except my parents are no longer around to lie to.
Brunettes or blondes?
19dacar52 comments on Jul 21, 2018:
I am a sucker for brunettes with brown eyes.
Since a question was recently asked of the ladies in the group, I'll see how the guys weigh in on ...
19dacar52 comments on Jul 21, 2018:
I do not expect anything from the woman, giving her pleasure is something I love to do.
Здравствуйте to Our New Mother Russia | July 18, 2018 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS ...
19dacar52 comments on Jul 21, 2018:
Full Frontal is my favorite show.
What's inside a $5000 Scientology E-Meter? []
19dacar52 comments on Jul 20, 2018:
I think it is nothing more than an ohmmeter.
Let's Go Pho King So anyone that truly knows me, knows I love puns. Hope you guys get a laugh....
19dacar52 comments on Jul 18, 2018:
Thank you for posting these videos, they are always good for a laugh.
How many of you ladies can receive orgasm from oral? If it's mind blowing of course.
19dacar52 comments on Jul 16, 2018:
I love giving women oral as long as it takes to achieve orgasm.
The news today makes me sick!
19dacar52 comments on Jul 16, 2018:
His real campaign slogan should have been "Make Russia great again."
West coast or east coast?
19dacar52 comments on Jul 16, 2018:
I am from the west coast, it is my home.
First day back to work after being fired the first time in my life from a right to work position ( ...
19dacar52 comments on Jul 16, 2018:
Good luck. Let us know how it goes.
Poll: Is bad sex better than no sex at all? Bad sex, as in NOT reaching climax.
19dacar52 comments on Jul 14, 2018:
For me intimacy is part of sex. Masturbation is void of intimacy with another person. I need the intimacy with another person and I do not have that right now. Having a companion that I can develop a friendship and relationship with can lead to intimacy and good sex.
Having a lonely night. I'm usually content in my own company but I'm human...Show me you pets! I ...
19dacar52 comments on Jul 14, 2018:
When I was 28 I was raped by a doctor on an exam table in a medical center with another person ...
19dacar52 comments on Jul 14, 2018:
I may not be the brightest bulb but I do know there are times when I shine :) Shine on people!
19dacar52 comments on Jul 13, 2018:
You shine when you wave at the trees!
A little update: Looks like one of my wild bee hotel has some occupancy. The top left and bottom 2 ...
19dacar52 comments on Jul 12, 2018:
I let my cilantro flower and I noticed 5 or 6 different kind of bees coming to the flowers. I tried taking photos but the bees are so hard to see. I was hoping to post pictures so someone could tell me what kind of bees were visiting the flowers.
It doesn't work, the devil won't show up... It's been 30 years and he hasn't answered yet!
19dacar52 comments on Jul 12, 2018:
Doesn't being an atheist mean you don't believe in the devil either? Just posing a question here. :)
Would this be a clear sign not to date a person? []
19dacar52 comments on Jul 12, 2018:
The only thing stable about Trump is that he is an arrogant asshole!
Blues Brothers - Soul Man (live on SNL) []
19dacar52 comments on Jul 12, 2018:
The Blues Brothers is one of my favorite movies!
There's a man in our community known as "monkey man" (he always has several stuffed monkeys ...
19dacar52 comments on Jul 12, 2018:
Well I think you are beautiful and you are an artist! Perfect in my book!
Sometimes when the wind is blowing the leaves on trees it looks like there are hundreds of little ...
19dacar52 comments on Jul 12, 2018:
Don't ever change, we love you the way you are!
Just shelled out $550 to fix my sons car, in the middle of a divorce, looking at going back to ...
19dacar52 comments on Jul 10, 2018:
This is a little off subject but did you ever find your iron or did you go buy a new one?
What is aftercare to you? Water, cuddles, space?
19dacar52 comments on Jul 9, 2018:
Usually cuddling and holding each other.
Star Trek vs. Star Wars I’m just curious to see which series people on here like better so I ...
19dacar52 comments on Jul 8, 2018:
I think that I prefer Star Trek because of my age. It came out when I was a teenager and I really enjoyed it. I did like Star Wars as well but I will still watch Star Trek when it comes on TV. I must admit that I really like the parody that Earnie Fossilius did on Star Wars. (Hardware Wars)
Today is my gramma's birthday, she's been dead for 11 years. She was an atheist. She was so sweet ...
19dacar52 comments on Jul 7, 2018:
She was so sweet but she was a bitch??? Now I want to know more.
I'm facing a serious jump from stay at home mom to single mom and feel I need to go back to school....
19dacar52 comments on Jul 6, 2018:
I worked at a job that I did not like for 30 years. I was in the printing trade. I stayed in it because the pay was good but I hated going to work every day. I decided to go to the local JC, I started with one class that interested me. I did very well in that class and really enjoyed it. I was never a very good student in my younger days but I loved this class so much I decided to take more classes. I did not have a goal when I was taming the classes, I just took classes that were of interest to me. After a couple of semesters I decided to look into some of the certificate programs and found two that I was interested in. I picked one and went through the courses in the evenings after work. Before I finished the course I got cancer and had to deal with that so I never finished the course. I stayed in the printing trade until the shop that I worked at started having financial difficulties and I decided it was time to find a new job. Fortunately there was a local company that was in the field that I had taken the courses at the JC. At the time they were hiring like crazy so I applied for a job. They hired me in spite of my not finishing the course. The pay was not as good as when I was in the printing trade but I liked the job. That was 18 years ago and I am still with the company and I love my job. I am eligible to retire but I am going to continue working because I love what I do. I say go for it, I think that you will enjoy learning something new.
Giant Donald Trump baby blimp WILL fly over London for mass protest during his UK visit ...
19dacar52 comments on Jul 5, 2018:
I hope he sees it...
Who like floggers??? I love making them out of vinyl. Whats your favorite kind?
19dacar52 comments on Jul 5, 2018:
I like the feel of a leather flogger.
Trumpsters Celebrated Murder of Journalists
19dacar52 comments on Jul 3, 2018:
On the other hand, there have been several occasions where he promoted violence.
It's a bittersweet day. My husband is renting out our travel trailer to someone... because of the ...
19dacar52 comments on Jul 2, 2018:
I hope that you feel better soon.
I want you all to know that a friend of mine - who voted for Trump - now sees the evil that's going ...
19dacar52 comments on Jun 30, 2018:
Hopefully there are more people like your friend that have figured out that Trump is a horrible human being.
How can anybody in their right mind still believe in and support this guy?!
19dacar52 comments on Jun 28, 2018:
I think it is like they say, if you say it enough people will start believing it. Trump knows how to work his base. He instills fear and hate into those that will listen. I noticed that racism reared it's ugly head when Obama was elected. Trump and the far right just boost those fears.
Oh Bill, you're so funny.
19dacar52 comments on Jun 27, 2018:
How is refusing service any different than a baker refusing to make a cake for a gay couple? If a baker can tout that it is against his religion to make a cake for someone based on his belief, How is it any different when someone refuses service based on their values? Oh wait, I forgot that god is on their side.
Can't decide which one I like best.
19dacar52 comments on Jun 27, 2018:
I like the second one, the textures seem to pop in that one.
I did some stuff today... I took plain organic yoghurt and turned it into whey to make beet kvass. ...
19dacar52 comments on Jun 27, 2018:
I am the first to admit that I cannot dance but I get kinda crazy when I cook or spend any amount of time in the kitchen. What's not to love about cooking?
Love Halloween... We used to open our house to the public annually with a haunted maze. Hundreds...
19dacar52 comments on Jun 18, 2018:
Great work! I wish I knew how to do makeup like these.
To piggy back on my earwig post; I was just about to take a nap, comfy side sleepy pose. I felt ...
19dacar52 comments on Jun 18, 2018:
More trauma... Sorry to hear that. We have a lot of crane flys here this time of the year. They seem to get in the house whenever you go in or out of the house. They are harmless but I understand that having one land on you when you least expect it can freak you out... especially after the earwig incident!
Warning, could be TMI... I just had a flashback to the most terrifying experience of my childhood. ...
19dacar52 comments on Jun 17, 2018:
I clicked like on this post, but I feel bad for you going through that trauma.
America: Do you believe Canada is a socialist country?
19dacar52 comments on Jun 16, 2018:
In my opinion most Americans associate socialism with communism. We have been fed that crap as long as I can remember.
Here's a bit of fun I did for a laugh, you may enjoy it []
19dacar52 comments on Jun 16, 2018:
Ah, Go on, go on, go on, go on....
Came across this last night on my FB memories. My son was 4, he woke up in the middle of the night ...
19dacar52 comments on Jun 15, 2018:
That is a lot of Lego!
The Odd Movie Trailer Trump Showed Kim Jong Un, The Late Show ...
19dacar52 comments on Jun 14, 2018:
This is the third time that I have seen that video that was presented to North Korea. I thought it was a joke... I still can't believe it is real.
A free hand , fast study done this morning
19dacar52 comments on Jun 14, 2018:
This is very nice! Do you mine telling us how long it took you to do this?
Never envious and remains unaffected by North Korea
19dacar52 comments on Jun 14, 2018:
This made me laugh out loud!
Taking a minute to add a couple of photos of my craftiness. Handmade greeting cards! My weakness is ...
19dacar52 comments on Jun 13, 2018:
Very nice!
So my 16 year old, (who knows how to do everything,) used my iron to put a transfer on a hoodie. ...
19dacar52 comments on Jun 7, 2018:
I think you will cave and buy a new iron in two weeks then find your old one in three weeks...
Anti-vaccine is a religion
19dacar52 comments on Jun 6, 2018:
I don't think it is a religion but people believe in it religiously. It's like chemtrails and flat earth theories. I think people that believe in these things are also the same people that demonize science.
Who here is a fanilow?
19dacar52 comments on Jun 6, 2018:
Never liked his songs.
So, what motivates you to check out another member’s profile? Do you just search like a typical ...
19dacar52 comments on Jun 3, 2018:
Both but it's more about the posts. What I like about this site is that the people are atheists or agnostic. These are the people that I want to meet.
There is the smell of an election cooking in the air. So my ultra conservative FB friend has come ...
19dacar52 comments on Jun 3, 2018:
Have you noticed that the American flag behind Milania is the wrong one? It looks like the one with 48 stars before Hawaii and Alaska became states.
Voodoo, anyone?
19dacar52 comments on Jun 2, 2018:
Is this the method used to torture Chester Cheeta??
Coffee Large or Small
19dacar52 comments on Jun 1, 2018:
I'll have tea please.
Random thought - Do you think that the Trump/Kim Jong Un meeting is back on so Trump can hock his ...
19dacar52 comments on Jun 1, 2018:
I was talking to some people and one suggested that Kim has no intention of giving up their nuclear weapons program, they are just playing Trump for the chump that he is. Feeding his ego. I had not thought about that before but I wouldn't be surprised if that's what happens.
Are you cheating if you are open to your partner about your other relationship(s)?
19dacar52 comments on Jun 1, 2018:
If your partner knows and is okay with it, I don't think it's cheating.
Ask Your Doctor About Ambien | Full Frontal on TBS []
19dacar52 comments on May 31, 2018:
Full Frontal is one of my favorite shows on TV.
How long does it take for the general public to know things that seem to be common knowledge? I was ...
19dacar52 comments on May 29, 2018:
I heard about this years ago and started cutting them up. I put things in my recycling containers and hope that they are recycled. Recently I read an article that China is no longer accepting our recycling materials.
What do you usually listen to in the car?
19dacar52 comments on May 27, 2018:
Ireland today.
19dacar52 comments on May 26, 2018:
Kicking Bishop Brennan up the arse! I love Father Ted, growing up Catholic I can relate to this show.
Question: I still have cancer, but it appears to be in a 'slow/dormant' stage. Can I still be ...
19dacar52 comments on May 24, 2018:
Next year will be 20 years since I was cured of lung cancer. Keep a positive attitude, it really helps.
What has The Trump Presidency Done For or To the US?
19dacar52 comments on May 22, 2018:
He drained the swamp and turned it into a cess pool.
Do people become more bigoted as they age? My mom had never been the type to speak poorly of any ...
19dacar52 comments on May 22, 2018:
I think it depends on the person. I have become more accepting of people the older I get... I think that society has changed over the years and generally a lot more people have become more accepting. I also think that some people are opposed to people becoming more accepting, they are afraid that they have lost something, this leads to bigotry.
Are you happily married?
19dacar52 comments on May 22, 2018:
I used to be happily married... I am not sure how this sounds but I have fallen out of love with my wife. People ask me why I don't leave her. The reason is quite complicated... one thing is that she has chronic pain and is on heavy pain medications. Anyone that has had a family member on high doses of pain medications knows what it is like. One reason that I stay with her so she has medical coverage. I have come to realize that as long as I stay in my marriage I will not be happy and I have to make changes in my life if I want happiness.
Men. Whats your cologne?
19dacar52 comments on May 21, 2018:
None. Heavy cologne and perfumes give me a headache.


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Point Cabrillo lighthouse.
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