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Hi everyone! I'm new to the Oakland area and was wondering if there was anyone else here? I'm to make some friends to smoke with (weed), laugh with, grab a drink with while exploring the amazingness of Oakland :)
drkhannabis Dec 10 Dec 10 33 comments
what people call 'the greater bay area' keeps growing, so i hope sacramento is not too far away. plus i was born in berkeley, and lived around there for almost half my life. just joined this website, really interesting. can't say i'm an atheist; ...
truthsayer Nov 10 Nov 10 11 comment
East Bay atheist here. I'm also a member of the Bay Area Atheists/Agnostics/Humanists/Freethinkers/Skeptics Meetup group which is really just an umbrella group for all kinds of other groups for a wide range of non-believers, skeptics, etc. etc. For...
prometheus Sep 20 Sep 20 00 comments
New to this site. Excited to communicate with you all. Live between Oakland and American Canyon (helping care for my Mom with a stroke). Born and raised in Napa have called Oakland San Francisco Pleasanton home. Love to find active atheists with ...
DaCrusher Aug 15 Aug 15 00 comments
Is anyone here up in the North Bay?
FSMLion Aug 1 Aug 1 33 comments
Hi, agnostics and such in Napa and points north—Y’ville, St. Helena & Calistoga. I’m a lifelong learner in the Veterans Home (there have been atheists in wars and a few are here). I happily tell all who don’t run away I’m an atheist, and ...
yvilletom July 30 Jul 30 11 comment
Hi group. I'm a Bay native currently in Sacramento. Being that there's no group for capital dwellers, I'll hope I'm still welcome here. ....Technically I'm writing this from the East Bay right now.
aceofspades626 June 29 Jun 29 11 comment
Sad that if a politician admits to being an atheist , it can end his/ her political career. Annoyed that Athiestdv in this Christian nation are so scorned, as lepers. Millennials today have a greater number of Atheists here and universally. For this ...
NotSugarNSpice Apr 8 Apr 8 00 comments
there seems to be no one in my area of mendo county
bloodypoptart Feb 4 Feb 4 00 comments
Hello from England, Bay Area folks. I've been in the UK for 18 years and am longing to move back to the West Coast—to the East Bay/SF area (if I can still afford to). I'd like to meet folks in the area in the meantime. England is lovely, and I ...
MsDoib Aug 25 Aug 25 11 comment
I'm an Oakland native born in the former Peralta Hospital. I've lived in the East Bay for all but 6 years of my life.
nosferatu_cat July 26 Jul 26 00 comments
Was thinking about trying to organize a hike for Bay Area Agnostics. If you are interested post here.
Rick_1 June 25 Jun 25 11 comment
Good morning bay area. I have lived here since October 31st 1979. I love the bay area and consider it one of the richest areas in the world in terms of cultural diversity. I helped raise two amazing daughters here. My brother and sister in law are ...
Ciravolostone June 21 Jun 21 00 comments
Greetings, ya filthy heathens! A little bit about me: I moved to the Bay Area (with my canine son) in 2014. Born and raised in the Philippines, I have some stereotypically Filipino traits (e.g., friendly, warm, affectionate, love kids and ...
misternatureboy June 1 Jun 1 22 comments
Glad to be part of this under-represented demographic.
PeterParker May 29 May 29 22 comments
What? Only 20 members in the Bay Area? Unbelievable!
ezwryder May 23 May 23 44 comments
Hey everyone! I've been living in the bay area for awhile but haven't branched out and tried to establish any sort of social life. Anyone else here find making friends as an adult very difficult?
livetodiscover May 19 May 19 88 comments
I am relatively new to the South Bay area and have been seeking athiest/agnostic orgs to take on church n state, poverty, homelessness, education and advocating science initiatives. Help??
Farfrompukin Feb 13 Feb 13 11 comment
It's on now :-P
ScienceBiker Feb 8 Feb 8 00 comments
bingst Jan 14 Jan 14 22 comments
Good job
Humanlove Jan 14 Jan 14 00 comments

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